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  1. I missed the character ads so much. As soon as I heard the Contraptionaire I started crossing my fingers for the triumphant return of Mitch and Delores and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED.
  2. ♬ WELLLLLLL, Munderscore and Fun Buns improv goofiness with PFT! ♬
  3. Stephanie Courtney AND the Ghost Girl Pistol Shrimps! Goddamn, what I wouldn't give to be in such a giddy room.
  4. Well, I loved everything about this. Ever since Cackowski sat in the interview chair a few weeks ago I was hoping other Spont All-Stars would get their turn, but I never imagined two of the greatest would get their turn so quickly. The JVs will never stop being amazing. Fantastic Eban moments this week: shifting from Grease songs to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" when the end of Grease was being discussed, and mashing up Winnie the Pooh's "The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down" with Bambi's "Little April Showers".
  5. No! The last thing you want is an ad spokesman who uses such an old, cheap cell phone.
  6. Part of me really hopes Blasooch's out of character behavior in this one is the start of another Greg Escalante-esque storyline.
  7. It never fails to delight me that Eban has the ability to launch into any piece of Disneyland music at any moment. It also delights me that Paul and Jean returned to their classic "operators of a food service establishment" personas. I wonder what happened between them and Millionaire? Also, I haven't gotten around to watching Stranger Things yet. I didn't think it was that big a deal, but the fact that it was around when a new Spont was recorded means I must be further behind on pop culture than I thought.
  8. I envy people who actually enjoy Temple of Doom. I wish I could see the movie through their eyes.
  9. I've long thought about how fortunate it is that Ingrid was such a good sport about embracing a nonsense Star Wars reference nickname bestowed upon her by two strangers doing a podcast. Learning that her frame of reference for stadiums is Wario Stadium somehow helps explain it, and helps reiterate her awesomeness.
  10. Been about a decade since I've done any sort of fan art, but I was inspired.
  11. Finally, Sexy Ref has a voice!
  12. Because I'm weird, I like to play the episode without looking too closely at the title because I like to be surprised by who the guests are. This morning I had a 4AM shift at work, so I wasn't in the best of moods when I woke up, but on my commute I started listening to the episode. The moment I heard Little Janet's laugh, I knew today was going to turn out okay after all.
  13. What excellent service!
  14. This is great and fun and wonderful, but why is only Fun Buns listed as a guest on the Earwolf page? Blasooch deserves a mention too! And she was literally just on Spontaneanation; we know she's in the Earwolf Guest Database!
  15. I'm 99% sure Eban also got some ACTUAL Potter music in there this time as well! But more importantly, when PFT was talking about how Potter isn't his thing, Eban started playing a certain other John Williams piece from a movie that IS, in fact, PFT's thing, and nobody seemed to notice. Also, I too remember high school theatre calling it "play practice" and I can't believe it took me until this episode to realize how silly that is.