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  1. Scooter McGnarly

    Red Lights (2012)

    This movie is incredibly baffling. The shot were there are a comical amount of reporters all standing in a line talking to invisible camera operators is especially funny. Robert De Niro really phones in this performance.
  2. Scooter McGnarly

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This guy wrote 97 songs about guests he heard on podcasts. This one happens to be about Matty B.
  3. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    The force is strong with this forum (See what I did there?) Star Wars movie
  4. Guys, thanks for giving me a new perspective. I'll enjoy the laughter now, instead of being such a crab haha.
  5. Yeah, but you gotta have premium to listen to any episodes over 6 months old.
  6. I think the 4.99 subscription price is pretty fair. I've listened to hundreds of hours of Earwolf p-casts without paying one cent. Bummed about ads getting cut out on old HH. I've found that the HH ads are a great way to get people hooked on Sean and Hayes' signature humor stylings.
  7. Does anyone else think it's a little distracting how much JV laughs during the monologue? She's a great improviser and adds to the show, but her non stop laughing kinda drives me nuts. Great episode guys!
  8. I hope Eggs becomes a regular guest. I love the way he sets that quotable punk (Grease Nose) off! I love how Tom plays off the guys by being so negative all the time. Haha.
  9. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 368 — Ric Bic For President

    Hey, Auckerman, IT'S NOT HUMP WEEK! Great episode, big fan.
  10. Scooter McGnarly

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Great episode. I loved the term, "blow my hands off." I'm going to start using it in everyday conversations. I've been so busy I've missed the forums. Anything funny or cool happen here lately? That'd be the day...
  11. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I bought the new Jason Isbell album today! I listened to it and it made me sad. Is it because I'm a sad person? Probably. But his songs are pretty sad.
  12. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    So I texted him something confusing. I hope he feels razzed! I'll post pics later if anything happens.
  13. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    SteveH don't read this next section of my post. I'm going to crank call SteveH. Who's with me?
  14. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I'm reading a book waiting for my weed guy to hit me up. So my night's pretty awesome. I'm craving taco salad now, but I don't want to leave my house. It's like 90 degrees outside and I'm not ready to put on pants on.
  15. Scooter McGnarly

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I like Hollywood Handbook, and this forum! Ya'll are silly.