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  1. JustinFink

    Tattoo ideas

    I decided my next tattoo is going to be in tribute to Hollywood Handbook. I am currently collecting ideas of interesting images conjured up in the Handbook Universe (for example: the drawing Sean finds of Him and Hayes riding a shark) Bonus if you are an artist and create something I could use
  2. JustinFink

    Commando (1985)

    I am bumping this one because I love Commando so much. By far my favorite Arnold movie. "Why don't they just call him Girl George and save the confusion?"
  3. JustinFink

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Another incredible thing about this film: At the very end, when Fisher Stevens is in his old man disguise (did he have the wigs and makeup just lying around?) and the secret service agent arrests him on the plane...why didn't he arrest him at the airport, before boarding the plane? I'm assuming they would now have to sit through a very long flight to Taiwan I would LOVE if they made a second Hackers, except it's a buddy movie about the two of them: getting to know eachother over their flight, deciding to spend some time in Taiwan (a last sort of hoorah for Fisher Stevens' character), and getting involved in all sorts of misadventures
  4. JustinFink

    Ninja Vengeance

    also I have this on my hard drive if someone wants me to send it to them. I put it on youtube but it eventually got taken down.
  5. JustinFink

    Ninja Vengeance

    This film is, in my opinion, the holy grail of terrible movies. I've watched it at least 20 times now. It has EVERYTHING a terrible movie needs. The plot should tell you everything you need to know: a ninja (who's only real ninja abilities put on display throughout the entire film are his gifts in the art of somersaulting) on his way to a ninja conference (yup) experiences trouble with his motorcycle and finds himself trapped in a small town run by the KKK. This movie is pure gold.
  6. JustinFink

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    A couple things: A. The main character owns more than one life jacket as a fashion accessory B. In most movies where the main character has a special ability and moves into a new environment, there is usually a really satisfying moment where their abilities are put on display and affection is won from his/her peers. In Hackers, we are to believe that moment was when he gets the high score in a video game? Or is it when he can correctly identify a series of books? His assumption to be an Elite is never really warranted. C. When he reveals that he is Zero Cool, a legend amongst hackers I take it, the others don't question him in the slightest bit, they just believe him even though the secret service is after all of them and he, coincidentally, JUST moved to New York days before all this happened D. There is a moment when whatever his name is giving crap to Joey as Joey is rattling off potential hacker handles. The joke is that Joey's attempts at finding a cool handle are weak and totally lame. EVERYBODY'S handle in this movie is totally lame.
  7. I came upon this article on George Clooney and all of his little quotables could easily have been said by Hayes or Sean. "The president came here and there were some people who wanted to meet him. And the president and I are talking to them and they're holding their smartphone cameras up like this. And I'm holding my hand out trying to shake their hand, and they're like, 'Smile.' And I said to the president, I said, 'You know, the oddest thing about what's happening right now is that we've stopped living our lives and we're just recording them.'" http://gawker.com/huh-george-clooney-is-kind-of-an-asshole-1462455827
  8. There's snakes out there this big?
  9. I talked to Amazon and they said the snakes were ordered by someone from this forum...
  10. I read this post from RanRan and thought to myself, "well that's a shame. too bad I have no experience on the matter. shouldn't waste her time by responding with uninformed nonsense." Well boy did my situation change. I received a package from Amazon about an hour ago. Really big box. I figured it was a gift from my dad. I opened it and inside was this SICK jumpsuit (anyone who knows me knows I LOVE jumpsuits). Anyways, I was so excited I threw the box in my kitchen and ran to my bedroom to try on the jumpsuit (fits like a glove btw). I should have examined the box more cause it turns out beneath a layer of packing peanuts was a buttload of snakes. Now there is a swarm in my kitchen and they're eating all my cereal. This jumpsuit is still super sweet so if any of you have any ideas how I can get rid of the snakes while keeping the jumpsuit, that's the only solution I am open to.
  11. I kinda feel like that shy kid at a party that is only there because my mom is friend's with the cool kid's mom and he was forced to invite me and I just kinda stood in the corner for a while waiting for an opportunity to include myself in the festivities but fell short and got really bent out of shape about it but something shifted and I start paying attention and I realize the reason I'm having a hard time jumping in is because all the other kids have just been huffing glue and breaking boards over each other's backs and I'm a little afraid what that'll mean for my future but now everyone is strungout and kind of writhing about and this is my chance to walk to that bowl of popcorn I've been eyeing for a while because I started getting hungry an hour ago but I didn't want to attract attention to myself
  12. JustinFink


    That would be a grave mistake
  13. JustinFink


    The dead are un-ban-able
  14. JustinFink

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Don't know if this was sad or not but Matt Besser would be incredible