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  1. JoeCrowe

    Interstellar (2014)

    My purpose in nominating this is summed up in the tagline for this board: "What stinking pile of Hollywood bullshit should we cover next?" Talented comedians can make anything funny. Just movies that overtly "ask for it" such as Birdemic or Sharknado are not the only scope of HDTGM. The question "How Did This Get Made" applies to the indecipherable plot, weird emoting and bizarre ending -- despite the talented cast and director. Success at the box office or with critics should never make any movie immune from criticism / comedy / discussion.
  2. A lot of movies are like shooting fish in a barrel. They're too easy to make fun of. Hilarious. But too easy. This one got Academy Award nominations and such. And it makes LITERALLY NO SENSE.