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  1. MartinFletcher

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    I have a suggestion for any of the aliens who read this forum ... if you are going to invade the planet you need to think big, instead of targeting the municipal water supply for America's 10th largest city, try getting into the great lakes, lots of big open landing areas near the lake Superior end and a dozen metropolitan cites all on one waterway. Oh, and remember before you try to gut me with an eel thing ... I'm trying to help.
  2. MartinFletcher

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Duddits uses a pretty odd method of choosing helpers to save the world with him ... Let's find four teenage boys who will go out of their way to possibly see a picture of the prom queens pussy. Hmm.
  3. Great episode guys! I have to say the sorcerer seems to be very bad at what he does. Instead of killing or bannishing the peasant girl he freezes her for a thousand years under the pretense that he is protecting the queen and her kingdom, as a consequence the kingdom is cursed with eternal rain. If he was saving the life of the peasant girl because he desired her for himself why wait a thousand years so that a distant relative could be with her? Why not a couple of generations instead of 40-50?
  4. MartinFletcher

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    As a chef should SMG have been a little more leary about buying a bushel basket of live crabs that are not packed in water or a water tight container of some sort? A little negotiating on the price maybe? Did anyone else wonder what the point of having a Rube-Goldberg type Martini machine was? Oh, and did anyone else notice a young Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter from Suits) at the market? So many questions after watching this.
  5. MartinFletcher

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    So let me see if I understand the complete story ... A UFO travels across the universe and harnesses the power of a comet tail to control inanimate objects on earth. After sucessfully conquering and destroying a truck stop they are wiped out by a laser blast from a Russian satelite. The End. That seems simple enough, now a few questions ... Why are trucks being controlled but cars seem unaffected? Why after being attacked by a machine gun do the heros run into a room full of other guns? Why does the RPG need to be at reloaded at some times but not others? Why do the heros assume the boat will not attack them or try to kill them? Why are the aliens trying to take the truck stop? Most importantly ... How did this get made?
  6. MartinFletcher

    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    I'm surprised there was no mention of Zeus' "lightning", who needs special effects when you can have someone tack together rebar lighning bolts with a welder.
  7. MartinFletcher

    EPISODE 234 — Weedies

    It's already a band name ...
  8. MartinFletcher

    EPISODE 234 — Weedies

    A studio full of comedians and you come up with Weedies? Well get ready cause I'm opening a THC 420 Theatre right next door!
  9. MartinFletcher

    EPISODE 110.5 — Minisode 110.5

    Hercules fighting the bear in Central Park should be it's own movie! I thought the police dispatch was the best part, "take caution - known to be SURLY and DANGEROUS!"