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    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    The guy Mia stays with in the Dominican Republic, is, I'm assuming someone they know from the fourth one. although he's never in the movie, because Toretto just always knows all the "higher ups". I remember from the HDTGM episode on Fast 5 someone wondering how they were able to afford a safe like that shipped overnight. Well, in this one, it's a very unnoticed line when Mia is thanking the DR guy for letting her stay, but he says, "Dom needed a safe delivered in Rio in two days, that was a problem." So he's the one that gave it to him. I would like to say that it's actually Ludacris that gets the safe in Fast 5 but continuity isn't the Furious crew's forte.
  2. Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Electro in The Amazing Spiderman is eerily similar to Pretzie, Spiderman being his Herc. I really hope Jamie Foxx based it off Arnold Stang's role. Also... Hair Curlies
  3. Adam G

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I feel like there's too much effort put into changing faces, hair, body details, etc. It seems like a brain transplant would have been a lot less effort so it makes me think that someone thought up the title Face Off and they just worked around that.