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  1. deathbecomesher

    Dracula 3000 (2004)

    This movie is basically Jason X with Dracula and stars Coolio as a vampire. I thought for sure this was a 90s film until my husband said it was made in 2004. It’s currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime.
  2. deathbecomesher

    The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

    Just recently saw this movie for the first time after a Karate Kid marathon, and it's absolutely one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever seen. After Cobra Kai instructor, John Kreese, was "humiliated" in the first part and beginning of the second part, he loses his job and mind, and become obseesed with taking revenge on Daniel (Macchio) and Miyagi (Morita). But Kreese isn't even the crazy in this movie - it's the owner of Cobra Kai and a really shady toxic waste disposal bu sines, Mr. Terry Silver, that makes this movie bonkers. He's like a Disney villain in an 90s action comedy. It's ridiculous. It would be such a great movie for the show, and we got HDTGM veteran, Robin Lively in here also! It'd also be super relevant right now since Macchio is coming back for the Cobra Kai movie. Check out the IMDB page and trailer: https://youtu.be/6UIfk99IZPk
  3. deathbecomesher

    The Craft (1996)

    Love this movie, so yeah, offended it's been suggested. Even more offended that Chef Boy O.G. called these girls fat. These girls are ridiculously gorgeous (I mean, besides Fairuza being terrifying and otherworldly).
  4. deathbecomesher

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Not just that but one of the twins has colored pants and the other has white pants. "Final Girls" rules! Great horror homage in that movie.
  5. deathbecomesher

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    To be fair, young Crispin Glover is seductive.
  6. deathbecomesher

    Stay Alive (2006)

    Her entire character was insane. Although I'd seen the movie already, I was half-expecting her to be the killer. She wasn't even that charming for Hutch to invite her to his friend's pad out of nowhere.
  7. deathbecomesher

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Omission: In his recap of all Jason moves, Paul completely forgot to mention this bitchin' robot dance in Part V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpBTSZXKktA
  8. deathbecomesher

    Stay Alive (2006)

    I just rewatched this move after having not seen it since I was 15 (loved it at that age). And I agree with the comment above, I thought it was fun to watch and I think the Paul, Jason and June would have watching it. But what really got me, was the fact that Sophia Bush's character's name is OCTOBER! Like what?! I feel like June would love that. They also make every use of her screen time to say her name as many times as possible. Seriously, if I had more time on my hands I'd make a supercut of all the times the characters had to say "October." My husband and I were also curious about the use of the name in real life, and found something very interesting: Seems to have risen in 2006....
  9. deathbecomesher

    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    The exception:
  10. deathbecomesher

    D.E.B.S (2004)

    D.E.B.S. is amazing.
  11. deathbecomesher

    Queen of the Damned (2002)

    I have very special feelings for this movie since I spent the summer of 2002 watching this movie literally six times a day (I was 11). On the 100th time watching, I realized that the credits said "Based on The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice," and I freaked. Ever since then, Anne Rice has been one of my favorite authors. So, I'm a little biased about this movie. As an adaptation, it's absolutely horrible. Lestat goes from a gay character to straight (maybe Hollywood just wasn't ready for those "complex" relationships). The movie combines two amazing books into a shit heap, and the script completely ignores the real depth of the characters. Book set aside, I think the movie is actually kind of good and entertaining. It's hard to judge now since I'm older and biased...maybe it isn't a good movie...I mean, I was pre-pubescent and judged the movie by the hotness of Stuart Townsend. Still, you have to admit the soundtrack is badass. I still, to this day, listen to the fake band "The Vampire Lestat" from my iPhone.
  12. deathbecomesher

    Jurassic World (2015)

    1. Dr. Wu explained why he couldn't tell anyone about the DNA. He made a horrific hybrid that would have outraged his colleagues. He was playing mad scientist, even more so than in Jurassic Park. 2. Yeah. I thought this. That jeep was super old, but hey, this movie was full of nostalgia and that's what made it so great, I think, for the people who grew up watching the first JP. 3. Agree with Comments from my Pockets." It's a theme park. I saw it more as recreating the true Jurassic World for the audience, rather than product placement. Also, reminded me a lot of the Universal Studios Jurassic Park-themed area. Just one thing I didn't enjoy about the movie was the switching between the two corporations, and all of the military guys coming in. It was a little confusing for me. Otherwise, in June's words, "I loved it." It was everything I expected.
  13. deathbecomesher

    EPISODE 112 β€” Jupiter Ascending

    Omission? As soon as this movie started with the Russian love story, and having some inkling that the movie was about a "space princess," I immediately thought of the story of Anastasia. I was completely convinced that this was going to be an intergalactic rip-off of the story, but the movie deviates from that. I feel it's still a worthy mention, even though "Jupiter Ascending" would be ripping off the Disney version rather than the true story. What pointed it out to me: - Russian - Rags to Riches - Lost Royalty Any thoughts?
  14. deathbecomesher

    Just One of the Guys (1985)

    Not to mention the main character is super hot as a guy. Yes? Anybody? What?
  15. deathbecomesher

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    With all the hype of Jurassic World, I decided to do a Jurassic Park trilogy marathon, and WOW, The Lost World is utter garbage. Jeff Goldblum's acting (love him, but definitely not in this), the random black foster child, and the attempt to do five different action plots in one movie makes this movie just about unbearable to watch. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119567/?ref_=nv_sr_1