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  1. Great ep, Tim was great. On the topic of all new Hey Gang episodes going behind a Patreon pay wall: that seems like news that should be dropped on us more like next December 22nd rather than on a July 5th. I LOVE HOWARD, I love the idea of supporting Howard, I think everyone should go buy Austin Stories DVDs and go to his comedy shows and buy his music off Bandcamp and t-shirts from Teespring. I am just really sick of monthly pay walls I'm not going to create anymore monthly fees for myself this Summah, and I really like Hey Gang so this came as a major Summah bummah to me.

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  2. Great Episode, great guest! I love Occulus Summah, it's too bad the youtube vids for the songs are region locked because I was trying to share it with some people from Spain. I was going to tell them about the bandcamp site but I didn't get a chance. I also finally got to do a GREEtings Chartist to another chartist in a Twitch chat of all places! HAVE A SUMMAH