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    Swordfish (2001)

    Please do this!
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    Dead ringers or eXistenZ would be perfect for the show not in the bad movies sense but more "How did they get this even off the ground?" Irons is amazing. If only Crash were a little closer to the book... and the other movie named Crash had never been made. Paul Higgen's crash should be the first Best Picture Winner to be on HDTGM. I can't help but eco that Inception is a weak knockoff of eXistenZ with buildings and the beginning on Nolan's unfortunate trend of over explaining his scifi movies to us in the first 30 minutes of his films. A little bit of mystery goes a long way. With this in mind eXistenZ is definitely an oddball B movie with a lot of quirks but is super successful and mysterious while remaining almost playful. Or at least playful for Cronenberg. Commercially it did terribly and I feel like it is only well known from people passing around the dvd. There is not that much info about the production online and I bet the show could dig in pretty deep. In similar support, Videodrome is one of my top 10 films and the fly, eastern promises and eXistenZ all follow shortly behind but when I introduce Cronenberg's films to someone who has normally only seen A History of Violence I always say "Cronenberg is not for everyone but I think he's hilarious." I'm tempted to make another thread just for Dead Ringers because I think it would be such a good fit for the show. I can only imagine the difference in reactions from Jason and June. Very unsettling
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    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    A lot of the development changes and problems are covered in depth here. http://mentalfloss.c...holiday-special The director changing after the first few days was only one of a long list of blunders. The quotes from all the cast about this production are priceless. Love the show
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    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    HI HDTGM I’m pretty sure this movie is just about having sex with your family members and getting over your son’s death by putting yourself in his killer’s shoes. This final edition to the Nic Cage 96’-97’ trilogy is a classic. The Rock, Con-Air and Face/Off should probably just be reviewed as one movie all climaxing with Cage flying through the air out of an explosion but it would take too long to list the cameos. Face/Off is maybe the least rewatchable of these though because although it is awesome and hilarious in retrospect it is probably the most cringe worthy. worst titular line ever. “I’d like to take his face… off. Excuse me, I’d like to use the wee wee little boy’s room.” also What the fuck did they do with Margret Cho’s lines? She delivers like one horrible joke that she clearly has nothing to do with and then is relegated to Artie Long style exposition the rest of the movie. also sooo much maniacal laughing The final fight/chase is basically john woo's wicker man- “The doves! The doves!” Never knew how easy it was to shoot all the cops on a boat and then have your enemy use that boat as an explosive ramp. In true Nic Cage spirit, we have to ask what if both characters were played by Nic Cage? or what if John Travolta and Nic Cage had switched roles so we would hear John Travolta say “I could eat a peach for hours” over and over? Would the movie be any different? Probably not. Love this movie. You guys need to do the Rock. Con Air is the best. Thanks dudes Mac Pohanka