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  1. Getting a little worried that there's a Margulies/Panjabi-style rift going on between the guys. Haven't been in the studio together for weeks.
  2. Got some serious deja vu listening to this episode.
  3. Well, it's no Trends with Benefits, but this Comedy Bang Bang show is OK. Didn't really care for the Anchorman guy or the other guys, but it's cool to see Hayes and Sean on a Monday. So are they doing both shows now?
  4. Sorry I haven't posted since last night, guys. Jacob C really made me reconsider whether I should be a part of this whole thing, but I'm just gonna suck it up and ignore that guy for now. Top four: 1. Brett doing Teaser Freezer 2. Sean nailing the opening line. This industry we call Sharkbite. 3. Pitching Ellie Kemper pilots. 4. You're Doing It Wrong, By Grove I've Got It
  5. No, but I think I saw him in a bar once. I'm actually The B-52s.
  6. Hey guys. I'm new. Started The Reality Show Show on 1/16 and now I'm here. How can I be your friend? EDIT: Also, what do you want for that prank nickel? I'll give you like $83.