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  1. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Hello I have a popcorn related question

    https://twitter.com/SeanClements https://twitter.com/hayesdavenport It's best to hit up Sean and Hayes on Twitter with your questions about 5 or 6 times a day. On Saturday (when they record) you should tweet at them 20-30 times to ensure that they see your question. They really love and appreciate when fans do this!
  2. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Which ones Calvin and which ones Hobbes?

    Hobbes is Hayes and Calvin is Csean it's like you guys haven't thought this through
  3. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    HH T-shirt design

    made a shirt too let me know what you think
  4. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    New to the forums

    there was a werewolf in the fogelnest files board but that's it
  5. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Other podcasts?

    have you listened to joe rogan spaceman monkey podcast? it teaches you how to do drugs and other neat tricks
  6. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Sean or Hayes?

    i would replace both sean and hayes with coldplay
  7. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Anchorman's Dilemma

    Hayes and Sean know the numbers. They know HH is the biggest gd thing to hit the podcasting world since Joe Rogan Monkey Space Talks. But if they came out and said "yeah, we know we're huge," they'd lose all indie cred. Pitchfork gave HH a 9.3 Best New Music, you think they'd give that to a juggernaut show with 20+ million listeners each week? Not a fat chance.
  8. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    Google Alisa and Lauren Spitzberg. They're stalker sisters who believe Tig Notaro faked cancer and that there's some sort of "Kroll Payola conspiracy." It's hard to make out what exactly the conspiracy is because the rambling blog posts are confusing, but any time Nick or one of his friends (Scott, Mulaney, Harris) has some level of success, they say it's due to the conspiracy, funded by his dad. Something went down a couple years ago and Tig got a restraining order, I assume Nick did too. Long time lurker, second time poster, what up what up
  9. gd345$%^l;dks;sd'd

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    Tig has a restraining order against her and her sister. Apparently it's a real sad situation