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    Ghost Ship (2002)

    The one that made me laugh out loud was the captain. How did it slice most of the people at the waist and somehow slice the captain across the face. What!?!? haha
  2. AmySemrau

    Ghost Ship (2002)

    That's the best way to differentiate this movie. That opening sequence is insane.
  3. AmySemrau

    Ghost Ship (2002)

    A great bad movie. I've seen it and know it is terrible but can't stop myself watching it when it shows up on cable. It is a 2002 horror movie about a salvage crew that takes on a salvage job and finds the ship of their dreams...... or more accurately... nightmares. Let me just say. Hallucinations/visions of brutality accompanied by techno music and a creepy pale faced little girl.