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  1. MatthewTaylor

    Point Break (1991)

    Amazing movie, but also ripe for a podcast roasting. Reeves, Swayze, Busey..... Keidis???? Every line of dialog in this movie is so ridiculous yet quotable.
  2. MatthewTaylor

    Prometheus (2012)

    Ok there is no mystery how it got made, but how did isir Ridley Scott sign off on this script and screenplay? So much material for the podcast. Inconsistant characters (scared of a corpse one minute, cuddling up to space cobras the next) Terrible old man make-up The non twist i am your father reveal Robots that can speak fluent 'alien' but dont translate for the humans Lets stand really close to the alien crab zombie Getting lost in a cave when you have a 3d holographic map Cant spot an android spiking your drink right under your nose C section alien squid birth requires no physical recovery Run to the goddam side!!!!! No ending? Seriously if this did not have a 250m dollar budget this would be considered one of the worst sci fi movies of all time.
  3. MatthewTaylor

    Eraser (1996)

    Anyone notice how much this movie rips off 'Mission impossible'? Government secret agent betrayed by his employers Exploding water tank set piece Breaking into a futuristic vault to get a disk of valuable info Characters faking their own deaths
  4. MatthewTaylor

    Leonard Part 6

    Bill Cosby bought the Tv rights for his own film to prevent it from being shown on Tv!
  5. MatthewTaylor

    Rollerball (2002)

    I would love to hear the HDTGM team tear this one apart. Street leuge (or however it is spelt), the night vision sequence, crazy sound effects and Chris Klein channeling Ted 'Theodore Logan' levels of woodenness. Failing that I second the motion for Freejack or Highlander 2 Peace out.