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    Best amplitude for podcasting?

    This is something I was wondering. I was listening to CBB and the loudness is absurd compared to most other podcasts. My main issue was that I have been compressing like you do with music. Your points are great and I am going to try them out on my next cast and see how it works. Y'all use PT in the studio correct? Do you use the PT compressors, do you use third party plugins like waves, or, do you compress with outboard equipment?
  2. podcastage

    Plugs 2: Gettin' Plugsier

    Glad that Tom Waits is contributing to Comedy Bang! Bang!
  3. podcastage

    Scott's Wheeze was too good not to use

    That's a great song!
  4. Thanks man! I really appreciate that. Just thought I'd have fun and give a theme song a shot.
  5. podcastage

    Plugs theme

    Be careful guys. Don't criticize him. He may eat your liver.
  6. podcastage

    Podcasting Gear Talk

    For editing software: If you are running a Mac, then garageband will work fine for simple editing. It lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that Logic Pro has, but you should be able to get a perfectly fine mix out of GB. I also know a lot of folks use Audacity, mainly because it's free. There are a lot of tutorials out there to help you figure out exactly how to use it as well. So that's a huge bonus to that. My advice is, no matter what software you end up using, watch videos on youtube. It is insane how many tutorials are out there. Get as much out of youtube as you can. I haven't used a smartphone Lav before, but a quick look on amazon and this mic looks to have the highest ratings and it is a little bit cheaper than the Rode Smartlav: http://amzn.to/1JYQi6g As a disclaimer, I have not used any of these. I currently use an audiotechnica wireless lav for my video production and that requires an XLR or 1/4" cable. Good luck with the rest of your recording and I look forward to hearing the final product!
  7. podcastage

    Podcasting Gear Talk

    I think it could be really beneficial to share podcast setups and hopefully learn from one another. Maybe someone is using a piece of gear that you haven't heard of that will help take your podcast to the next level. Lets get this discussion going. Here's my podcast setup: SM7b - Cloudlifter CL-1 - Zoom H6 - Logic Pro X In the DAW I do as little manipulation as possible, basically a simple EQ and an adaptive limiter on the master chain to boost the master output. What is your setup and how do you process your audio?
  8. podcastage

    Part-Time Paid Internship with Sideshow Network

    Damn. I guess I need to live in LA.
  9. Hey there. I recently transferred from a desktop rig to a travel rig. I found the most useful travel podcasting device is the Zoom H6. Out of the box it has 4 xlr inputs which is a huge bonus. Also for something like $70 you get get an expander module to add 2 more xlr inputs. For mica, I would recommend just getting some SM58s. They run about $100 a piece and for a travel setup they should work fine. If you go this route I would suggest getting some cheap pop filters to go over the mics. If you're looking for higher quality you can get sm7b's but they have a very low output signal and driving the Zoom preamps that hard seem to add a bit of noise, so you would need something like the cloud lifter which boosts your signal with phantom power. But this route just adds another cost. Feel free to ask me any questions about the travel rig.