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  1. Pokwok

    Best of i4h Vol. 9 - Vote Now!

    324 (42:56-52:41) Twitter Suggestion- ‘Car Accidents’ - After an accident a distraught cheerleader is questioned by a cop about her cheering merit. (1:02:54 - 1:11:52) Crap on Youtube - ‘Penis Art in Bhutan’ - A town hall meeting to discuss the rules and regulations of the penis art within the town. 329 (1:15:14 - 1:23:44) Crap on YouTube - ‘Tips For Making 3 Cheese Pizza’ - Over complicated how-to videos 338 (18:25 - 25:04) Question from Twitter - What is One Thing You Would Never Try? – A man takes his homophobic uncle skydiving 339 (47:28 - 1:00:06) Question from Twitter - Who is the Most Famous Person You Have Ever Sat Next To? – A sting to bust a baby-beef conspiracy. 347 (0:00 - 5:25) Intro Story - Ruined Apologies - A man is used as a human doormat to resolve other’s anger. 349 (0:43 - 15:54) Intro Story - Seven Nation Army - A café that specializes in celebrities’ favorite dishes. 354 (0:19 - 17:27) Intro Discussion - Piñata - A guy is overly excited to have a piñata at his bachelor party 357 (42:03 - 47:35) What The Fuck Is Going On - Prayer at lunch time - a military officer optimizes prayer strategy
  2. Been listening a long time, heard most episodes at least twice, huge fan -- this is actually top five I4H episode ever material. Relentless. Definitely too hilarious to be listening to in public.
  3. Great episode. I really like the narrative experiments. The "These Fat Crackers" trilogy include some of my favorite moments in I4H history, and are three episodes I've listened to maybe a dozen times each. Christmas specials were great as well. I think it's because Besser is very good at grounding a scene and making a narrative that is funny and lends itself to really funny moments. The best scenes in any episode are always the ones where Besser is more active in choosing the direction the scene is going, which he is forced to do more of in the episodes where the characters are the same throughout. I think it goes a little unnoticed -- a huge part of the reason why I4H improv scenes are the best isn't just the talented guests, but Besser being able to give them a setting and direction that lays the foundation for the best bits. He's better at this than any other podcast host I've heard. Really looking forward to the next two parts, and really looking forward to more stuff like this in the future. Don't comment a lot, but I4H is the best goddamn podcast in the universe and it's because of stuff like this. Keep experimenting Matt, love it.
  4. Rachel Bloom's father sounds amazing. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone knows that kind of dad though.
  5. Excellent episode as usual. Was that duet towards the end an I4H exclusive? Seems like it was.
  6. Nicole Parker was great, I hope she returns often. Gabrus and Rust on fire as usual. Shame I couldn't see the stream live, but I really hope it sticks because video serves this podcast well. The quality of this podcast is at a point where I don't even want to listen while working/working out/gaming (like I use most podcasts) and instead just want to focus on the show. Video versions make that easier.
  7. They have pretty different styles of rapping imo. I doubt it would work. As far as I know, no. Interesting that they both picked their stage names based off X men. Although I'm not even sure that was the inspiration for Jean Grae. Kitty seems like more the type of person to be into comic books than Grae. I don't consider Kitty to be a particularly good MC though. Jean Grae doing a collab with Little Simz though... that would be raw af. <- Jean <- Simz Those two would be a force to be reckon with on the same track...
  8. I don't know why Jean Grae slipped my mind but she's a fantastic rapper. This was just the reminder I needed to go dig through my old hard drive and transfer her music onto the new hard drive. It's good stuff guys, highly recommended. Tied with Little Simz for best female MC since Lauryn Hill. Definitely underrated. I had no idea she was so personable and funny as well.
  9. Wait woah woah I heard a clip of a "Hop Along" song at 7:49. Who's the Hop Along fan? Jason or Lauren? Either way that's awesome Hop Along is an amazing band who needs more recognition. Whichever one of them put it in there - they've got good music taste.
  10. I'll admit I was a bit wary of the musical episodes when Matt first started doing them, but it wasn't long before I realized how great they were. I'm a big fan of Waxahatchee and some of the songs she does on I4H are the only acoustic versions I can find. Does Besser always just seek out the musicians himself, or if we throw some suggestions of indie/underground artists he'll take them into consideration? I guess she's really blown up in the last year, but I would lose my socks if he ever got Aurora on the podcast.
  11. Pokwok

    Episode 242 - The BEEF SEASON Special

    What an amazing episode.
  12. First time I've heard Hillary Matthews, and she was really funny. Would love to hear her on future I4H episodes. The other performers are obviously all seasoned all-stars so there's no doubt they delivered as well.
  13. Pokwok

    Episode 297.5 - Sklarbro County 203

    Rory Scovel has such a great chemistry with the bros and DVK. I could listen to the four of them screw around all day.
  14. Pokwok

    Episode 279 - Rise N' Grind

    Awww yeah my favorite stand up. After Howie of course. I wish Rory would guest on more earwolf podcasts more often.