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    Used to live there. Still have many friends. Left for the big city because the small city is for small people. Shots fired. Still love clam chowder. The White not the red.
  2. Ok so I don't know if the eye reverse thing is real or if it's made up but I think we can all agree that this idea that we look at pictures to know who is who isn't going to work. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I appreciate the help but we're going to have to go back to the drawing board. If anyone knows one of the guys, I know a scar is a big commitment so maybe they'd be more interested in wearing an eye patch or using crutches or something for all public appearances. Just something to make it clear who is Sean and who is Hayes. If someone can ask them politely about this that would be really cool.
  3. By "blonde" you mean yellow head right?
  4. You know I was going to ask, is it my right or their right in the picture so I had a sense of perspective but the reality of how a camera lens works adds a new level of complexity to this. So is it my left or their left, taking into account that the camera lens is an upside down reversed image?
  5. Do they have different hairs? They look the same. Is one a brown or black head or maybe a yellow head? I don't see color very well so maybe that way won't help me, but it could help others.
  6. I'm now noticing in pictures one of them always wears a blue shirt so that's a good start, but maybe I missed the episode where they say who wears blue and who wear other colors. Sorry if this issue has been addressed in the past. Thanks guys happy to be here.
  7. Ok so I appreciate HH's irreverent brand of podcasting, but the problem I have is that when I google Sean and Hayes individually to put a face to the voice I'm hearing they look very similar. In Pictures of them together it's pretty much impossible to know who is who. I think it might be helpful for new listeners like me if one of the guys grew a mustache or got a really cool eye scar like sub Zero. Just something to differentiate one from the other