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  1. there would be no msg without souprman my OG. He fought this war 15 years ago. Respect OG
  2. Pitchfork the album is a 30 out of 10
  3. i really wanna discuss the Kanye album guys.
  4. Stopping by to speak on the happiness that the plot twist brought me. It's good to have the boys back in the "lab" as I like to call it
  5. Tron_doe

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Guys I'm pretty disappointed with the t shirt offerings on the earwolf Twitter. I think I'm gonna take matters into my own hands and make wolf cool t shirts that incorporate the wu tang logo. If you're interested lemme know, they will be super exclusive and cost 250$ each
  6. Tron_doe

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    I apologize for my extended absence. Life, as they say, is mad crazy b Like the scuzz man, I have returned. Peace to the gods and the earths.
  7. I always miss the call for pcg questions
  8. Anybody else heading to Palm Springs for the extended weekend ? Rumor has it the boys are throwing one of their legendary BBQs
  9. I'm not going to ask for context. I was drinking at work so I probably deserve whatevs
  10. Ok so here's the deal. Decided to check out this weeks forum posts after listening. Saw probst stuff .. Was not prepared for this. I have never seen survivor. I randomly clicked on the jet ski video and watched it to completion. I immediately felt compelled to click thru all the rest of the comments to say this. That video was incredible. When he just kept going and going? I started to tear up. When he ended up on fucking LETTERMAN of all places ? I was openly weeping. Thank u to whoever posted that. Please follow me on Twitter.
  11. The correct answer is Pinkerton, ftr
  12. Blue album or Pinkerton ?
  13. I just wanted to let u guys know, that from now on most of my forum posts will be behind a paywall. U can see anything from the last 30 days, but beyond that you'll wanna check out the howl archives for all my older posts. We are super excited to roll this out, and Sean, Hayes and myself have been working behind the scenes on this for a while, so it's kind of a big deal. Also be on the lookout for exclusive forum posts that you won't see anywhere else
  14. I love the lobster t shirt. Also, my controversial opinion- this episode was great. Don't agree? Tough shit. I'm not gonna bite my tongue and go with the grain, because that's not punk rock.
  15. http://www.mediafire.com/?eqylbatbaejo33w http://www.mediafire.com/?teld6lilhtnnu0d ^ This is a good place to start if u wanna check his solo stuff out. Many fire emojis within these zips
  16. Sean was also really funny btw. Here he is trying to pawn a potato.
  17. Yeah man. Sean was one of the most gifted rappers ever. Actually im gonna post some of his stuff. U should check it out
  18. I'm bummed I missed the call for corn gall q's Maybe next time. Did u guys see Sean price died ? Major bummer
  19. I was listening to "a waste of time with 'it's the real'" yesterday and it dawned on me that the whole premise of HH very well may be based on the rosenthals .. So if u are into interviews where the hosts are doing more name dropping than the guests and trying to outdo said guests with their own stories about rappers, u could probably give that a shot. But no one can give u that sweet Sean and Hayes fix except for Sean and Hayes. Your chasing the dragon now. Godspeed
  20. Seconded. I think we can end this whole shirt discussion now, right ?
  21. I think just the standard wolf cool shirt is perfect.
  22. Yes I mentioned this last week on the forums but I don't think anyone noticed, so I tweeted the boys and huskey and advised them to "lawyer up" and Hayes faved the tweet, no big deal *manicure emoji* I can only assume they've hired some young hip franklin and bash style lawyers to rep them