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  1. Stammaman

    The French Connection

    I can never get bored with The French Connection and wonder if that's because it was the first adult (in the proper sense) film I saw at the cinema. For me the most important character is 1970s New York itself while the people in the city stumble around until they all come together at the end with a wave and a bang. The car chase is, for me, still the greatest ever filmed mainly due to the anger and emotion behind the thrills. Later films have better stunt driving but they don't have a screaming Hackman behind the wheel.
  2. Stammaman

    Episode 062: Directors of James Bond Ranked

    There are two films by Peter Hunt which I'd have thought were worth mentioning. Gold and Shout at the Devil which both starred Roger Moore having full blown romance and action in Africa.
  3. Stammaman

    Episode 056: The Movie Posters of James Bond

    I'd say the reason why they started using "Ian Fleming's James Bond" with the Spy Who Loved Me was because this was the first time they completely disregarded what was in the book (apart from James Bond being in it).
  4. Stammaman

    Episode 050: Indiana Jonesing with Paul Rust

    He has also been in lots of British TV nerd stuff like Dr. Who, Blake's Seven and The Avengers.
  5. Stammaman

    Episode 049: Skyfall with Paul Sabourin

    The Miss Moneypenny conundrum can be explained away by viewing the name as a job title. Admittedly it would be a silly job title.
  6. Stammaman

    Episode 043: Tomorrow Never Dies with Alex Schmidt

    I lived a few doors away from Jonathan Pryce during the 1980s and can boast about witnessing a Bond villain admonishing his son (probably stole the wrong nuclear device). For this reason alone I give TND 002 extra points.
  7. Late thought about the cold opening for The Living Daylights. When the 00 agent fell to his death he should have screamed "This never happened to the other fellow!" on his way down. In fact they should also have used this line when Sean got beaned at the beginning of Goldeneye.
  8. Stammaman

    Episode 12 - Point Break

    James Cameron's first cinematic encounter with the depths was actually Piranha 2: The Spawning but I can understand why the panel managed to forget it.
  9. Stammaman

    Episode 041: A View To A Kill with Kumail Nanjiani

    Kickpuncher beat me to it regarding the name St. John. I first came aware of it when this British politician was mentioned in the news during the Thatcher years. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_St_John-Stevas
  10. Stammaman

    Episode 040: For Our Eyes Mostly - Mailbag

    Roger Moore should have played Drax in Moonraker. He'd already proved he could play double roles in The Man Who Haunted Himself and looked good wearing a beard in North Sea Hijack.
  11. I'm sorry Matt&Matt but Oddjob used a bowler hat as a weapon, not a top hat. A top hat would have been more sophisticated but the aerodynamics would have been woeful.
  12. Stammaman

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    This is more of a question. If they are supposed to bathe in the fluid to get their youth back why do they store it in pint sized bottles? Don't they have barrels in space?