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  1. I know some don't love the live episodes as much as studio-recorded eps but there's something about them that I really enjoy listening to. Maybe the fact that there's so many visual gags that we can't see that make me crack up anyway, based on the other performer reactions? Or maybe just that it feels a little more unfettered and spontaneous(nation) - like anything could happen (and sometimes does - i.e. PFT falling off the stage). No idea really but I really do love them. The Jon Hamm, Kristen Schaal, Keegan Michael Key and Scott Aukerman eps I've listened to way more than is healthy.
  2. The only podcast where I look forward to the commercials - especially the ones recorded on tour. The phone ringing mid-ad is right up there with the airport announcements. Bless you, PFT, and your busy schedule.
  3. I think it was Mike Hanford with Lauren and Paul. He's joined the tour now (he took over for Neil partway through) and the voice sounded a bit like Mike's John Lennon Also? This episode has my 3 fave improv guests AND Jon Hamm. It's an embarrassment of riches.
  4. EmmaBadame

    Episode 35 - Dead Poet's Society with Kurt Leitner

    This movie had such a profound effect on me when it came out. So great to hear Kurt's behind-the-scenes stories - especially about Weir's direction. Another fantastic ep. of IWTT.
  5. EmmaBadame

    Season 3: Game 2 - Pistol Shrimps 4/12/16

    Just when I thought this podcast couldn't get any better -- FunBuns sinks a basket (when Matt's there to see it!) and McGourley recites a little Henry IV, Part 1. And can we talk about the immediate effect sugar has on Matt/Kubitsch? Sour Patch Kids are the new drug of choice. What a time to be alive.
  6. EmmaBadame

    Season 3: Game 1 - Pistol Shrimps 4/5/16

    There are few things that make me laugh as much as Matt (Mc)Gourley getting invested in the game (and Mark laughing at him.) "If you put that in I'm gonna murrrrrderrrr your family..."
  7. Eban's piano work (and Paul's reaction) when they talk about the infamous LA Podfest stage tumble may be my favourite thing he's ever done. Genius stuff. I hope they never stop talking about it and continue to bring up Andy Daly's reaction to said fall. (RUN AWAY!)
  8. This episode was gold from top to bottom. Everyone was on point and the songs? THE SONGS.
  9. Loved the improvisers (Jeremy or Matt, I think?) getting at the pesky timey-wimey sound effects during the intro section - and PFT's reaction. Adds a whole new wrinkle to proceedings... And apropos of nothing - Matt and Paul's sock games were on-point!
  10. I don't know exactly why but Paul's delivery of the above had me laughing so hard, I had colleagues come over to see if I was okay. So...that happened.
  11. EmmaBadame

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Scott giving up on his idea/phrase a few words in (at the 28 minute mark) may be my favourite Hot Saucerman moment for a very long time. Love when he just gives up. You can FEEL the apathy. Scott: "You can also like be...driving...*mumbles*....as a cop down the street...*mumbles*..." Jason: "What's this now? You falling apart?" PFT/Atherton: "You gave up on your own idea." Jason: "You gave up on that. You put the board down and everything." Scott: "Forget it. I don't care." Jason: "Forget it? I DON'T CARE?" Scott: "Forget it." PFT/Atherton: "Oh...what an auspicious episode on which to make my debut. When the host says 'I don't care. Forget it.'" And don't forget...you can't sneak in a car.
  12. Always a great start for my Monday morning commute. Though any day is made better with a little Matt Gourley song improv! A request? Can we make Patti LuPone (starring as "can anyone remember?") and Romulan Henrik Ibsen regular guests? And while we're at it...make LuPone a verb? Pretty please?
  13. Right there with you. When I woke up early this morning at 6:30am and saw this waiting for me, I may have shrieked with delight. No really...I did. It did not disappoint at all. From the warning in the intro about Matt Gourley's inability to stop himself from visual shenanigans to the improvers inability to do their own plugs properly at the end...this was pure gold. Definitely one of my favourite episodes. I would also like to assure everyone I passed on my morning commute that I am NOT, in fact, crazy...I always laugh out loud on Monday mornings. Now you know why.
  14. The deep cut references that PFT pulls out each week never fail to surprise me. Margaret Atwood? With a crowd heckle/shout-out for The Robber Bridegroom? Amazing. Ya burnt!
  15. EmmaBadame

    EPISODE 19 - Malibu

    So much Paul off-mic awesomeness in this episode. Is it weird I love the off-mic laughter and comments as much as I love the on-mic ones? Because I really do. Also: