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    Earwolf Store Delays?

    This isn't an isolated incident. I finally got my t-shirts about six months after ordering them, but that was after months of being told "They're shipping as we speak!" and "I'll overnight them tomorrow!" Earwolf Support even tried to tell me that my post office was rejecting my mail. I asked for details about that one but never heard back. They told me at one point that the problem was StageBloc, and that they had stopped using them, which was also not true. When Earwolf support wasn't ignoring my e-mails, they were outright lying to me. Shipping problems happen, and we're all fans here who are willing to give a lot of leeway. But the choice to constantly lie to your customers is a very strange one. My wife and I would love to give more money to Earwolf, but there's no way in hell we're subjecting ourselves to that kind of service again.
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    It's mid-July now, and still no shirts. After I finally got a hold of support last time, they refunded my order without asking or notifying me, then sent me a form e-mail about it, insisting that I would still be getting my shirts. Then support said there was a shipping issue, and the shirts would be delivered the next week. They weren't. Then the website said the shirts had shipped, but there was no tracking information. I never received them. Then support said the postal service was refusing to deliver the shirts. The post office says they never got them. Then support said they would overnight the shirts. They didn't. I've asked for more information, especially if, as claimed, the post office is refusing my mail. Support has stopped responding to e-mails. Again. I'm not sure what's happening with the Earwolf store, but it really sucks. There are so many products I'm interested in buying from Earwolf, but there's no way I'd willingly deal with this kind of service ever again. Edit: Heard from Nick @ Support, who said he'd overnight the order and get me the tracking information by the end of the day. I never received the tracking information, or any other updates, but the shirts arrived via FedEx this morning, and were as ordered.
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    Anyone else still having issues with their order? I paid for my order in February. Contacted support in April and was told that there was a problem, but my shirts were shipping "as we speak." After another week I contacted support again and was told that they were no longer using StageBloc to send out shirts. They also refused to give me an estimate on when the order would ship. Its been another month (three months total), the shirts still say they haven't yet shipped, and customer service has stopped replying to my emails. I want to support Earwolf, and especially this charity, but I'm at a loss on what to do here.