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  1. Guiltfeeder

    Spawn (1997)

    I'm surprised there isn't an HDTGM episode about this movie. I've seen this movie several times. Why is the soundtrack so good? Am I alone on this one?
  2. Guiltfeeder

    Contact (1997)

    Haha, I like this movie. It pisses off all of my friends. Say what you will about it, this shot from Contact is cool as hell:
  3. James will be in everything soon. He's too talented to not be tapped in Hollywood-town. Put that kid in the moving pictures!
  4. Guiltfeeder

    Ghost Ship (2002)

    This would be a great choice. The begining is amazing! Didn't South Park make reference to that scene? (with the slicey cable)
  5. Guiltfeeder

    End of Days (1999)

    I watched this movie recently (I reviewed it for a podcast I started doing) and I gotta say, it is terrible and not fun to watch. It is the worst movie I've seen in the past year. It'd probably be a good choice for HDTGM, but not a fun watch...