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  1. Guiltfeeder

    Spawn (1997)

    I'm surprised there isn't an HDTGM episode about this movie. I've seen this movie several times. Why is the soundtrack so good? Am I alone on this one?
  2. I agree. However, if you really want to save a buck, you can buy several Apex - Multi-impedance Hand Held Dynamic Microphones. They're pretty much the same thing. The Shure SM58s are definitely better in quality, but the Apex will be half the price. If you hit a sale, you can even buy them for $30 a piece.
  3. Guiltfeeder

    Easy Audio Mixing

    They'd damn well better! Also, if you can figure out how to sample & remove noise, it'll make your podcast sound nice & pretty! Just as long as it's just a bit of consistent noise (like an AC unit, a fan, your neighbors' vibrator, etc..)
  4. Guiltfeeder

    Contact (1997)

    Haha, I like this movie. It pisses off all of my friends. Say what you will about it, this shot from Contact is cool as hell:
  5. James will be in everything soon. He's too talented to not be tapped in Hollywood-town. Put that kid in the moving pictures!
  6. Guiltfeeder

    Easy Audio Mixing

    If you can get your hands on CoolEdit Pro and BeatCraft that'd be useful. Of all the ones I've used I found CoolEdit to be the simplest (it's more or less on par with audacity). I used to use these when I was recording song ideas. Beatcraft just allows you to write drum parts. I think you can even buy these for pretty cheap (it's been a while since I've used it so pardon me if that statement is no longer true) I also use to use a Line 6 Pod X3 for effects and pre-amps. Even though it's an effects pedal for guitar, it's loaded with vocal pre-amps, as well as bass / acoustic settings. You don't really have to know how to fiddle with mic-preamps. There's plenty of default settings you can use.
  7. Guiltfeeder

    Submitting a podcast to iTunes...

    I ran into this using Podomatic. All I did was delete my image and tried uploading a hi-res image a day or two later. It then took a week for iTunes to recognize my podcast. Haven't had a problem since. I think deleting the lo-res image, waiting a day, then uploading a hi-res image did the trick. Is feedburner scaling your image?
  8. Guiltfeeder

    zoom h4n help

    Did you try Brett's suggestion? How did it work for you? I tried Brett's method (I also have the H4n) and I found that the line-out from the PC to the line-in on the H4n was very hot & dirty regardless of the volume / output setting on my PC. It worked fine on my friend's PC, however. You could also just not use the H4n and record your skype conversation with Audacity. ( Audacity Tutorial- How to record Skype Calls/ Game play Audio)
  9. Guiltfeeder

    Ghost Ship (2002)

    This would be a great choice. The begining is amazing! Didn't South Park make reference to that scene? (with the slicey cable)
  10. Guiltfeeder

    End of Days (1999)

    I watched this movie recently (I reviewed it for a podcast I started doing) and I gotta say, it is terrible and not fun to watch. It is the worst movie I've seen in the past year. It'd probably be a good choice for HDTGM, but not a fun watch...