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  1. TheDeadWolf

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    I thought this ep was a very good and very nice one. I enjoyed it and I hope Adam isn't too frustrated with the boys, it's from a place of love
  2. That was very nice. I enjoyed it Not without my heaaaaart! Should be a thing now
  3. It was my birthday too.... did the boys forget to wish me a happy day?
  4. TheDeadWolf

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Not good at all. It doesn't have taskbar controls, doesn't have lock screen controls, doesn't save your location in the podcast you were listening to, does't let you subscribe to a podcast. Many other problems. It's beta at best
  5. So was Cody even in the studio for this? Or was he saying his spooky ill timed words from inside the computers? Or did he get his foot stuck in the toilet when he went to pee
  6. You watched the wrong Utopia. Watch the British one, still many psychopaths though
  7. TheDeadWolf

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    51:30 My favorite bit ever I always thought Naughty Dread was just a perfect album, just as a, it's recorded so well, and the song writing on the album is particularly strong. I could not stop laughing, even before they cut away to laugh at him on their own. I was just howling, that was literally Ben Wyatt doing an interview, holy shit that was amazing. I agree with Scott, adorable
  8. TheDeadWolf


    There has got to be the ability to download eps. Please don't force us to waste data all the time when currently we've been able to download the eps from home then listen later.
  9. TheDeadWolf

    Recommended starting point for newbie to HH

    Start from the top, the Adam Pally ep is early and I thought that one was fantastic and a really good example of what they're like
  10. TheDeadWolf

    Please get Tim Heidecker on the show

    Would be excellent, like another Aubrey or Tom, not taking their shit
  11. TheDeadWolf


    i want my fucking t shirt
  12. TheDeadWolf

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    yeah the only way i'll pay is if we can get them offline. not trying to use up data if i don't have to when do the older than 6 month eps disappear from the rest of the web?
  13. I think this was my favorite ep. Tom is a brave motherfucker, those boys sure do know how to put Grease nose in his place, that sack of greasy shit
  14. This was such an all around great ep. Andy was incredible, Oberon was hilarious in her refusals to play along with our wacky hosts, great fun all around