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  1. Handbook Heads and Scoop Troopers,


    In just two years Halloween is going to fall on a Tuesday – the very day that Hollywood Handbook is released each week. I think we can all agree that isn’t really going to work for Hayes and Sean. Not only will it seem as though Hollywood Handbook is supporting the way too commercialized, hallmark created, Halloween that doesn’t even focus around tricks anymore and is really just about getting candy and not even good kinds of candy but Taylor Lautner’s “nerds rope” candy! But ALSO there are going to be all kinds of skelingtons and ghouls out there and how will they even get to the friggin’ studio?!


    I don’t know about you, but I wanna be bussin’ up, just laafing and laafing my whole friggin’ butt off with my best buddies, Sean and Hayes, on Halloween - not screaming my friggin’ head off then I can’t even think! Without a head you can’t even think! And that's how you get turned into a frankingstein.


    I hate it when I get this worked up… anyway…


    That's why the only option we have is to make Halloween go away sometime in the next two years. Now, we’ve all heard of these things called “hashtags,” which, from what I understand, are little messages inside the larger twitter messages, at least originally, but now people are doing the hashtags on all of the website internets, so just wherever you want as long as it’s on a computer orrr on a phone, you do the hashtags so that people will look at the hashtag and support it because of tweets. Like #bostonstrong (which really should have been #seanandhayesarestrong with what they went through, but I won’t even really get started on that).


    Except, I’m going to be doing wearing hashtags (see teaser below for my Halloween costume) in addition to computer hashtagging and I would encourage all of you to do the same this Halloween.





    I'm sorry but I started reading this post and I couldn't get past the first few lines. All this talk about scary stuff and Halloween just get my heart racing. I'm jut sitting here having a coffee and now I can't stop looking over my shoulder. My dad has already stopped letting me watch TV after 5 to avoid me watching a scary commercial or Horror movie (yea I said movie...not film). Just last week I almost broke things off with my girlfriend Kate Upton because she said big of a fan of Brendan Fraser she is and wanted to know if I could invite him over for dinner sometime. I was like "First off Kate, you know I can't have friends over after 4:30 so how could we have dinner with him. Second off Please don't bring up the star of The Mummy again". Oh I got so mad at her, but you know sex is soo good. It's just to freakin' messy.