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  1. This was a dream team I did not even know I wanted till I saw the title....
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    Ok guys...really? How am I supposed to freakin enjoy the forums with all this spooky stuff going on? Isn't it bad enough with all this talk about "Howl"...uhh to scary.
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    #STOPTHESPOOKY ... Handbook Heads Unite

    I'm sorry but I started reading this post and I couldn't get past the first few lines. All this talk about scary stuff and Halloween just get my heart racing. I'm jut sitting here having a coffee and now I can't stop looking over my shoulder. My dad has already stopped letting me watch TV after 5 to avoid me watching a scary commercial or Horror movie (yea I said movie...not film). Just last week I almost broke things off with my girlfriend Kate Upton because she said big of a fan of Brendan Fraser she is and wanted to know if I could invite him over for dinner sometime. I was like "First off Kate, you know I can't have friends over after 4:30 so how could we have dinner with him. Second off Please don't bring up the star of The Mummy again". Oh I got so mad at her, but you know sex is soo good. It's just to freakin' messy.
  4. yo, I don't wear graphic tees very much anymore; but I would wear the fuq out of the Tanks but no Tanks shirt.