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  1. I thought this was really great. Loved the 2 hour length, I could listen to Besser and a guest talk about this topic all day.
  2. I just got around to listening to this today and it was startling to hear Bill Paxton's name come up. Of course the context being allowing Bill Paxton to take a photo of the outline of Jimmy's junk in his jeans, for his own personal use, for the price of one month's mortgage payment, made it very funny.
  3. kindbuddy

    The CaseFiles of Columbo Ep 1: Paul F. Tompkins

    I was born in 82 may have inadvertently watched Columbo but I don't recall......and this podcast(episode at least) was great. I like these 2 guys I've never heard of before. I could listen to any podcast about anything as long as these fellas were doing it. Also Rhea butcher next time she's so great!
  4. kindbuddy

    Vince Gilligan #253

    Very entertaining to listen to Vince and Kevin talk about 3 of my favorite TV shows. The questions from Cranston and Duchovny were pretty funny. Didn't feel like 2 hours could've been 3 and still not lagged. Great job all.
  5. Very excited for this. I can't believe it's been a year since Paul F. And Traci talked about the public domain. This show is great. The episodes that I didn't know the guest previously are some of my favorites and really expanded the group of improvisors that are on my radar. Congrats on one year Lauren! Also just watched Blended last night and was pleasantly surprised to see Lauren bringing the funny didn't expect to see her.
  6. kindbuddy

    EPISODE 267 — Hump the Gun

    Yes this was a lot of fun. This isn't the first time I noticed that so few people comment here. Do folks not get down with the Sklaars or what?
  7. kindbuddy

    Ask Paul!

    Would you still do the episode if one of your guests or improvisers had to drop out last minute? Or would you just try to reschedule since you have so many episodes in the bank?
  8. kindbuddy

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    So glad I found this. Not on the main page yet.
  9. kindbuddy

    Ask Paul!

    Hmm my very first post was a question PFT answered. It's all downhill from here.
  10. kindbuddy

    Ask Paul!

    Hello Paul very cool of you to do this. I was wondering when you take the breaks during the scenes, how long they were and what is happening during those moments. Newbies 4 life!