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  1. Can and Rhea's conversation was amazingly delightful! I very much enjoyed the "Six Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon" and "Infinite number of monkeys" bits. Gotta love Shakespeare jokes!
  2. I enjoyed "Heart of Glass" and "Squadron goals achieved." And I loved all the silly characters on that jury and was impressed they were able to (mostly) keep track of them all. Bernadette and Bernie were particularly hilarious.
  3. KatherineIsOdd

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    It was from a segment in Arthur where kids did drawings about their heroes. Here's a low-quality version:
  4. OMG, PFT and MEJ FTW! I love their dynamic! I am in favor of these sole guest/improviser episodes!
  5. KatherineIsOdd

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    I too understood "Pele, Pele, scores great goals," so more than one person got it, hooray! The only other line I remember from that song is "Kristi Yamaguchi skates so well." Congratulations on 500 episodes to everyone at CBB!
  6. KatherineIsOdd

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    Flula is very entertaining. And his physics formulas check out.
  7. KatherineIsOdd

    Episode 119 - A Forest

    A coven, a coven, a coven, a coven, a coven, a coven, a coven!
  8. And according to the group picture and a Twitter exchange, he brought his mother to sit in and she was the "secret shopper" mentioned. What a good son!
  9. Emily and Kumail are fun people. Loved the benign/be nine bit and how long it went on.