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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Man, I had such a different experience than it seems everybody else did. All the guys could talk about was how confusing and hard to follow it is. I didn't get that at all. I got almost all the way through the episode before I figured out why. I watched the whole movie with subtitles on! I think a lot of the things the guys found confusing were just whispered so quietly that they missed them. To clear up a couple things they were confused about: The other bounty crew (mohawk guy and blue hair with invisible motorcycle) were also hired by Titus, but when they saw Channing Tatum they betrayed him and made a deal with Kalique. (Kalique and her assistant were discussing this deal in a scene early in the movie, they gave the bounty hunters some of that life-giving human juice stuff in exchange for delivering Jupiter. The bounty hunters never outright said thats what they were going to do, but they were talking about it during the "do you trust me" scene). Jupiter agreed to marry Titus because he had convinced her that he was going to put an end to harvesting. He told her his mother had been murdered for trying it, and that he wanted to marry her so that the planets he owned would be in safe hands after he was murdered for the same thing. Also, although Sean Bean's daughter doesn't appear in the movie again, she is mentioned toward the end. He says that the reason he betrayed Channing Tatum is that his daughter was sick and he couldn't afford the "recode." PS This movie was horrible and I can't believe I wasted everyone's time typing all this out.