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  1. I'm eating a Dove bar and re-watching a "New Girl" ep (ugh, I hate Jess and Nick together) because I can't find a horror movie to watch because I've pretty much seen all the horror movies worth watching. Do I have studying I need to do? Oh yeah. But that's Tomorrow Auden's big problem.
  2. What happened to your periods, CMB? You still have ur commas so I know this isn't the work of McCarthy. Did Sean Spicer steal them?
  3. Re: Blue Apron ad. Furikake is pronounced as hoo-lee-ka--kay. June: "On a day-to-day basis, what does a Highlander do?" Love that June plugged Bitch Sesh. For fans of June, I highly recommend the Halloween Spectacular Live episode. She has a different energy when doing Bitch Sesh. More ... engaged? Maybe because she cares about reality shows (which you don't need to have watched to enjoy Bitch Sesh).
  4. You just came off a Cormac McCarthy book, it's natural that words with non Anglo-Saxon roots would seem big to you.
  5. Gil Thorp is also Milford HIgh's basketball coach. The comic strip recently concluded a plot line regarding a basketball player named Aaron Aargard.
  6. The sound quality of this episode and the last one is so clear that sometimes I'd forget that I was listening to a live ep and thought I was listening to a studio ep. Looks like June and Paul will have to re-introduce themselves to each other. June is in D.C. for the Women's March. She will also be performing later to raise money for Planned Parenthood. Hats off June and all the ladies performing at the Laugh. Dance. Then Get to Work! show. Marching is exhausting and to perform after that? Whew! Love to June, Casey Wilson, Morgan Walsh, and all the other performers for their dedication to the good fight.
  7. Auden

    Episode 153.5 - Minisode 153.5

    So I was talking about June and her fight for gender equality and women's reproductive rights and you decided to pivot on my posts to talk about masturbating to porn based on a children's cartoon.
  8. Auden

    Episode 153.5 - Minisode 153.5

    Maybe Paul can do a "You're So Vain"-type of charity auction and auction off the identities of the people who wanted the smurfs and green lantern eps pulled and the reasons behind their requests.
  9. Auden

    Episode 153.5 - Minisode 153.5

    June is joining the Women's March in D.C this Saturday. She's also slated to perform at a charity show to benefit Planned Parenthood. All the $100 tickets have sold out. 2 VIP tickets are up for auction. https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/2-vip-tickets-to-laugh-dancethen-get-to-work-a-night-of-1235000
  10. Auden

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I would love it, if all content providers put everything behind the paywall (like Financial Times and The Times of London. They have no free trial subscriptions, no 10 free articles a month.) This culture of free content is ruinous. I have seen sites that I frequented shut down or reduced/changed its contents. Sites like Videogum, Television Without Pity, The Toast and A.V. Club (all of them have hundreds of extremely active commenters). The number of magazines and newspapers keep shrinking. And taking their place are things that are crap and fake. I have worked in customer service my entire life. Customers aren't always right. And we don't try to retain every customers. There are good customers and there are bad ones. Bad customers are high-maintenance and keeping them are costly. So shoppers who throw stuff at cashiers are banned from grocery stores, abusive callers are hung up on mid-rants, chronic no-shows are dismissed from clinics. We would rather spend the time, effort, and money on being extra nice to the good customers. I like and respect Paul a great deal but I wish he had handled this differently. 1) Whatever he thinks of the paywall, I think he would agree that the time and effort he, June, Jason, the guests, the engineers, the interns and other staff put into the podcast is worth $5 a month. Stand by that. 2) He is fostering poor fan behavior and entitlement. This solution to the paywall is a messy one (to whoever responsible for keeping track of which ep is going behind the paywall and when, I hope you are compensated for the extra work. Or maybe not. If the talent don't deserve $5 a month why should you--faceless drone--be compensated. You are lucky to have this job--paid or unpaid--for the connections and exposure.) and will generate more complaints in the future. He might have stopped a one-and-done tsunami, but he will have a long future of drips and drabs of complaints to contend with. 3) Paul has a big voice in the comedy world. He should come out stronger for paid content to help out those with lower profile. People look to the top for how to act. I'm seeing many comments pointing to Paul when they argued for free content. The $5 a month. Like I've said earlier, I have always worked in customer service. And I'm now a 40-year-old undergrad studying math full-time. My financial situation has always vacillated between tight and desperate. I own 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of rain boots. I have worn the same set of clothes from Wal-Mart and Old Navy for 4 years. I get a haircut once a year. I look like a bag lady. I also have a serious medical condition that requires the care of expensive specialists and expensive medications. I can't afford health insurance. I'm not taking the amount of medication I need and am rationing it. I won't be able to scrape together the hundreds of dollars a month for healthcare, but I can scrape together $5. I eBay stuff, I take part in surveys, I become a human guinea pig. We all have sob stories. Because life is hard. Life is uncomfortable. Life is not fair (when people talk about fairness outside of discussions of systemic injustices like sexism and racism, it sounds like a child whining.). And still, the world owes us nothing. Certainly not podcasts.
  11. Auden

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Absolutely not. And if I were an advertiser and I hear of this paywall fracas I would not advertise on HDTGM. I would have seen posts on social media and varioius forums made by fans who started off saying how much they love the podcast, how much it has helped them during difficult times, how it helps them get through traffic/workdays/bank lines etc. followed immediately by the kind of righteous moral outrage last directed at Martin Shkreli when he raised the price of an HIV drug from $13.50 per pill to $750. I would then think that if these fans won't pay $5 (or $2.91 with the promo code) a month for something they love, they are not going to pay for a subscription to food, razors, clothes, socks, toys, etc.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/HDTGM/status/821869146581282817 Base on this, the secret show is at the Alamo (Ritz?) at midnight. X _ X
  13. Hey Cam, I just looked and there are still a few seats left.
  14. bafflermeal made the very astute observation that Hayes looks like Stephen Lang. 60-something Hayes is looking well. Wait till your charms are right, for these arms to surround
  15. This episode reminded me of this twitter exchange in which Sean went from flirty emojis to a death threat against 3 people in the span of 2 tweets.
  16. $35 for the ticket, $10.30 for taxes and fees.
  17. I love Hard Nation more and more. Kudos to Mike and Paul and Dan and Kelly for being one of the few people to take Casey Affleck to task over the sexual harassment charges.
  18. In The Comedian, Robert di Nibro looks like Uncle Leo after his eyebrows got singed off in an explosion and then Elaine drew eyebrows on him. Love the Teaser Freezer! Sugar? Sweetheart? Buy me a Barq's root beer first, boys.
  19. I'm so sorry, Mekhi Phifer, that this scary thing happened to you. I'm glad that you and Cricket are okay. Belatedly, I'm so glad you finished THE BIG CRIME. It was a rollicking read.
  20. This ep has not shown up on iTunes feed yet. Please help! I would like to download the ep so that I can revisit the discussion of the merits of "Downeaster Alexa" anytime. Tom Scharpling told a fantastic story about Billy Joel in a fantastic Hollywood Handbook episode. And yes, "Downeaster Alexas" is in the story. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/handbook-east-with-tom-scharpling/
  21. This is a sensual podcast for sexual people.