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  1. Auden

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    When Nikki and Lay-O were kids they appeared to be roughly the same age. But as grownups there is an obvious age gap between the two. And in fact Emma Roberts is 10 years younger than Hayden Christensen.
  2. Last night I had a nightmare that HH has ended, no joke. A world without Hollywood Handbook is truly a Dark Universe.
  3. The live action/cartoon remake of "Mary Poppins" should be one where the humans are animated and the dancing penguins are real penguins.
  4. Here's a Be My Mommy card for Kevins who have diverse taste in mothers and would like them to look like Muttley.
  5. From Paramount Theatre: Ticket information here.
  6. Auden

    Sherry's Berries Code to support Dem Boyz!?!?!!

    I got the code from the episode description of the Drew Tarver ep. Until Sean and Hayes change their promo codes to daboyz, it is safe to assume that active Hollywood Handbook promo codes are going to be some form of the show's name. When I signed up for Stitcher Premium, I didn't want to go through ep descriptions to look for a promo code so I guessed. Took 3 tries. I think it was "handbook".
  7. Auden

    Sherry's Berries Code to support Dem Boyz!?!?!!

  8. From the Night Cream ep. of Making History. It's good that the people on the show wants real time feedback on whether they are giving good meetings. Some people can't deal with getting a tap on the back while they are giving meetings. This is a great ASMR video. [media=''] [/media]
  9. Good morning fellow HH bro...ccoli. I was so hoping that HH would be on this week's Podmass, and it is! Hopefully the 1-3 punch of Paul F. Tompkins, Podmass and Rebecca Bulnes' glowing and enthusiastic review will bring in more listeners. On the latest CBB ep,, Scott described Kevin's photo-taking as creepy. They also played Would You Rather?, so no leftovers for the ants. Love the detail of the boys not letting Kevin listen to podcasts about "creepy murders" because they give Kevin nightmares. More avian-based comedy from Sean in Harry's ad. I'm glad to see the return of Santaman and his new broletariat, Howie. Surprised to see that they posted pics of Calling Anderson, an illegal immigrant who stowed away underneath Queen Elizabeth's skirts, who is a Lies of Locke Lamora type king of pickpockets, and who hates music. Engineer Cody, like Ivanka Trump, is
  10. Auden

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    I'm so glad to see the influx of new peeps at the HH forum. Dalton's member title is Forum Boy. He gets it. This ep. is masterful. I don't know much about improv, but if the boys breaking the rule by touching their tongues to the mic has taught me anything, it's that rules can be broken if u r good. You have to be very good at improv to do bad improv. Like, you have to be v. skillful to work with "no, uh...". Other random thoughts: - Sean: We're not allowed to have music on the show anymore anyway. Paul: I heard. I know Paul is an advocate of HH. It's still nice to hear first hand that he listens to the show. - Sean seems drawn to bird humor. There is Sean's owl--which knocked on a door and spoke--in this episode and in previous eps we have: 1. Condor stealing peaches 2. Hayes being stuck in a tree and fighting with a bird 3. Owl in a Howl ad 4. Sean teaching birds to steal - Cody wants agency in his relationship with the boys. So that handsome boy belongs to Sean. I thought he couldn't be Paul's, since he's not 3 corgwn. Also, Sean and Bosch have the same smile. From Variety, "'Hollywood Movie Night With Karlie Kloss,' will feature Kloss and her friends offering commentary as they watch movies. The show is executive produced by Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner of Hazy Mills Productions ..." For a second there I thought Sean and Hayes' Hollywood Handbook alter egos have taken over the host bodies and are producing a show about supermodels watching Hollywood movies at night.
  11. "Oh my god, he just pulled Pete away! I'm alone! I'm alone!" I find Mike's distress at Munoz dragging Pete off by his legs oddly sweet and touching.
  12. Auden

    Episode 180 - Mikal Cronin, Our Close Music

    Check out the hepcats from Sean and the Clementines. They are the bees' knees.
  13. Auden

    When Did Seank Win That Queefing Contest?

    It's the Erin Whitehead ep., #89.