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  1. Cody had quite the spiritual journey, going from an aglinguini to being a laddite. I think I understand why he wanted to distinguish himself from an agnocchi, even though both sects hold the same view that you can't prove nor disprove the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, maybe its like a baptist vs. methodist thing.
  2. I thought the title sounds familiar. It's the title of a 30 rock ep. Buress has a recurring role as a homeless man on the show. He also co-wrote the very funny ep, "Respawn".
  3. Casey coming back after the show has ended to tell us that Siggy's father's name is indeed Mordecai is great.
  4. Considering that Karp is a Scientology apostate, his views on Scientology at least probably closely aligned with Sean's. I miss his Sock Reports on Pistol Shrimps Radio but I'm glad that his painkiller addiction seems to be firmly behind him. The talk of getting Kevin medicated didn't trigger him at all. Although Karp did very quickly suggest Ativan. Hm.
  5. Greg Escalante is a great guest! I know very little about baseball, but is faking people out by pointing to the outfields and then bunting something people do in baseball?
  6. If you've never used a rotary phone, it's against the law for you to feel old. ETA: Not trying to invalidate anyone's lived experiences.
  7. And around the corner there was fudge.
  8. This is a women's restroom in one of the engineering buildings in my school. It doesn't look like any of the other restrooms on campus. It looks as if the designer was inspired by The Shining. There's a lactation station in there (the white curtain is for privacy).
  9. Wow, Three Cup Chicken, such an exotic dish. Hollywood, man. I always love it when Sam is on the show. The calm complaisant way he interacts with the boys--very different from the way he interacts with Ronna & Beverly--is like a doctor dealing with the insane. I don't think Sam needs a hook. Tattooed-biker-who-wears-a-cardigan is fuckyeahtumblr enough, I think. Bad boy in sweater weather. Cuddly, with a hint of sexy danger. Coat girl. No, coat person. I only realize today that whenever Hayes and Sean complain about how things keep changing on them, they are making fun of the "PC culture is ruining America!" people co-opting the never-ending struggles of the disenfrenchised.
  10. Sean is on the latest ep of Improv for Comedy Nerds!
  11. @hayesdavenport and @SeanClements are my spirit animals. http://the-toast.net/2013/10/22/your-spirit-animal-is-here/ The Mike and Dave ep is in Podmass. http://www.avclub.com/detail/amicus-delves-notorious-rbgs-ascension-politics-an-243144
  12. Actually, I did think that podmass is a portmanteau of podcast and mass (the religious kind). But now that I read Mekhi's post, I see what a silly idea that is. So what does podmass mean?
  13. "Wo ist Hayes, mann?" So Sean knows German. Oh, because of Steffi.
  14. Auden

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    https://www.etsy.com/shop/POPperfulWeak?ref=condensed_trust_header_title_reviews Paul tweeted the info of the maker. The HDTGM team aren't available at the Etsy store. Looks like the HDTGM POPS will have to be custom ordered.
  15. If Vayntrub were a man she would be paid 65 bags of mint Milanos.
  16. Yes. It would be interesting if Jeff Dunham, whom Sean has lampooned as a puppet fucker, is a forum member of Hollywood Handbook.
  17. Aw. Now souprman is being gaslighted. Are you being gaslighted?
  18. HH forum member fanfic. Nice! Now the only question is will the eventual sex scenes be rated M or NC-17.
  19. - I wonder if the big horse riding was inspired by the miniature horses on the Real Housewives. - Sean plays the jealous friend so well. He's always adding fuel to the fire whenever Hayes and Carrie-Anne had a fight. Although, granted, it's hard to take the side of a woman who rides a giant horse on an Neames chair and otto man. Just use a giant saddle, Carrie-Anne! Or sit on the horse with your legs straight out like an owl. If they are Sooners and Aggies. (I may not know anything about football, but I know that they are our biggest rivals. #hateislearned) I think, in some ways, Jeffrey is already lost.
  20. I've asked a friend. It was a big deal.
  21. The ONLY productive thing I've done during the Labor Day weekend is to put up the flyer at school. It was home game that day so hopefully many people saw Henry's awesome poster, took a tab, listened to the podcast and became lifelong fans. Also UT beat Notre Dame (I don't know football, is that a big deal? football wise?), and I heard that football fans are a superstitious lot, so maybe now Longhorn fans will think they have to listen to Hollywood Handbook in order for UT to win. Okay, crepes and kebabs, we've heard the boys about the car wash, so bust out your daisy dukes and tiny tank tops. Henry, Fabio's Socks, and the rest of you sexy sweeties.
  22. It feels like The Shining in here.
  23. Haha. Just engineer friend and not close engineer friend. One wants to show that one is a man of the people but one also musn't get too chummy with the help. Congrats on the 150th episode! Hollywood Handbook, light of my life, fire of my loins.