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  1. Repeating my request from a previous thread. I am on the right side of history on this. And thank you to the people who heeded my request.
  2. I reject your personal insight as a parent. I don't have any children, but I'll have you know, I have watched all the seasons of Criminal Minds many times. I have also watched the trailer of Taken. I know everything about how a mother and a father will react when their child is abducted. The mother will cry rivers and scream. The father will sit silently, his hands clutching his head, then he'll stand up suddenly and explode,"I'm going to kill the son of a bitch who took my son/daughter!" Of course I know not ALL fathers are like that. Some fathers will calmly use their very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like kidnappers. They will look for the kidnappers, they will find them and they will kill them. I am prepared to argue with you AT LENGTH about this. _________________________________________________________ There's no one, correct, way for a parent to react to a missing child of course. But Genevieve Valentine's article, Stranger Things’ treatment of Barb reveals the show's greatest flaw: its limited view of women made me rethink Joyce's portrayal, which led me to think of the ways nostalgia affect a person's viewing of a show. ETA: I'm sorry about what happened to you in your childhood Cam. I just want to give lil' Cameron a big hug.
  3. Good. I'm glad. And I apreciate you giving me a Millennial's take on Stranger Things. I find it interesting. Pair that...*delicate cough* tartine with some Whispering Angel.
  4. Hahaha. Here's an interesting article, Enjoyment of trash films linked to high intelligence. (h/t How Did This Get Blogged.)
  5. But seriously, I wasn't trying to say Millennials don't know anything. I was interested in a relatively unbiased look at Strangers Things. Nostalgia made me predisposed to like the show. I'm curious to know what's left when you take that away. (Surely not the ugly 80's fashion!) For example, if you've lived through the reign of Winona Ryder as the princess of cool, you'd appreciate that in Strangers Things the princess was allowed to grow old. But without that background, does Joyce come across as yet another hysterical movie mom?
  6. So 80's nostalgia is one of the things that fuel "Stranger Things", and it references many many works from that era. I wonder what the viewing experience is like for millennials.
  7. It's MEE-LAH not MY-LAH. Oh, Fister Roboto. Where are you, and your adorable cantankerousness towards things like this.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, souprman! I see what you mean. Maybe the extra .9 MB is an extender (MB stands for Mega Boner right?).
  9. Hey souprman, can you explain the graphics please? I don't get it.
  10. Hey movie lovers! I would like to give one of the best movies that I've seen a signal boost. The Franco-Polish movie, The Innocents is making the arthouse cinema rounds in the States now (a list of movie theaters that are showing the movie is here). Here is the synopsis of the movie, which is based on true events, from its imdb page, "In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor who is sent to assist the survivors of the German camps discovers several nuns in advanced states of pregnancy during a visit to a nearby convent." In an earlier thread I spoke of being drawn to stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In The Innocents we have ordinary women helping and saving each other in the aftermath of unspeakable evil. These women are incredibly strong, incredibly brave. I have a short attention span. But the movie was so intense that not once during the the movie's 1 hour and 55 minutes run time did I wonder how much longer it will be before the movie ends. And when the movie ended, someone actually clapped. Nobody has ever clapped in Regal Arbor 8 @ Great Hills. Keep the name of Lou de Laâge in mind. The luminous actor who plays the French doctor is Juliette Binoche's acting heir apparent. I hope you'll go see it. (Writing about the movie makes me want to see it again. Even though I'm moving in a few days and I have tons of homework.) I want movies that are directed by women, written by women, that star mostly women, to succeed. [media=''] [/media]
  11. We really are all one. The live Who Charted episode was us looking at the same moon. A few tidbits from the live ep: - Sean's suprise birthday party was held at Hayes' house. - Sean's Massage Therapist's Creed is "Calm, cool, collected, execute." - Sean said he had tried to give Hayes a massage. - Sean is writing for a Fox sitcom, "Making History", that is produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller!
  12. Auden

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Number one in the firing line--Patty Jenkins. Here is what I think is happening. The Warner Bros. execs are embarking upon a risky project--a very expensive movie that features a female superhero. What if things go wrong? The execs like their jobs, they don't want to be fired, they don't want to get blamed. They need...deniability. So they hired Patty Jenkins. Her only feature-length movie was 13 years ago. After that, it was a handful of TV episodes and TV movies. She had to take the job. She knows that in Hollywood you are only as good as your last movie, so she will try very hard to make Wonder Woman a success. However, the execs are still running the show. They pretty much control every aspect of Wonder Woman. From casting, to plot, to costumes, to locations, to music. If the movie does poorly and Jenkins reveals that the movie was directed by studio notes, well, so what. She is just an inexperienced director without a strong body of work and powerful showbiz connections to back her up. Furthermore, she's a woman. No one would listen to her.
  13. Also--and I know I'm being pedantic here--I don't like the name Suicide Squad. The word suicide in a military context suggests free will (soldiers volunteer for suicide missions, soldiers choose to join dangerous units). But I guess Coerced Squad doesn't have the same edgy ring to it.
  14. I'm really surprised that they didn't copy Guardians of the Galaxy and give the soundtrack a title like Bitch-Ass Jamz Vol. Death, or something.
  15. Auden

    Nine Lives (2016)

    I laughed when I read the spoiler. The morbidness is just so ridiculous. More details of the twist are available in this review, 'Nine Lives' is Way More Twisted Than 'Suicide Squad', which has the tagline, "Barry Sonnenfeld's cat fable is one of the darkest, most nihilistic 'children's' 'films' I've ever seen." Looking at the credits, it seems all the animal actors are credited. Remember that 30 Rock episdoe, I Heart Conneticut, where a rom-com titled Take My Hand ended up as torture porn after going through various studios and re-writes? Maybe Nine Lives started off as the sequel to American Beauty.
  16. That made me literally LOL'ed. I'm sorry about your breakup Ellen. And even though I know this is unreasonable, I can't help but blame Suicide Squad for it.
  17. Hey Clementines! You can watch Sean live on Earwolf's Facebook page today at 6 P.M. PT.
  18. Who can forget this hit song and its music video.
  19. Paul and Jason are in Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie, which is now on Netflix. Paul plays Roy Cohn and Jason plays a homeless man (you can see him in the trailer). Paul and Jason did a lot with their small roles. [media=''] [/media]
  20. I think of Breaking Bad every time I see that sentence structure. Congratulations on your engagement! And I wasn't bothered by your proposal at all. Mary Worth! The poor little guy's name is Zak. I guess people thought the omission of the letter c made the name looked more foreign. Although to me Zak looks like a old-timey sci-fi name. Zak has a trading card!
  21. Auden

    Episode 141.5 - Minisode 141.5

    Thanks for answering my question, Taylor Anne! My horror well has run dry for now (I'm waiting for The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out to come out on DVD so that I can watch them at home in broad daylight.). I agree with you about the clothes. I'm definitely against saying what a woman should or should not wear and that she's the sum of her outfit. And I hope both Harley and Margot will get movies worthy of them. This is such a silly thing to share but incidentally, a couple of nights ago I dreamt that there was a war between gods and goddesses because the gods had been oppressing the goddesses. After a bloody war with many casualties on both sides, the goddesses won. The goddesses held a victory parade and a few of them marched topless, including a goddess who looked exactly like Mariska Hargitay. ETA: Another embarrassing thing. What do you guys think is going on if the number of your profile views outpace your likes by A LOT?
  22. That scene stunned me. It's very rare, thank god, that you see violence against children, attempted or otherwise, played out onscreen. Ram Dass in A Little Princess and Punjab in Annie were Indian servants who wore turbans. Maybe the producers of The Phantom thought that a turban-wearing servant was like a status-symbol.
  23. Auden

    Episode 141.5 - Minisode 141.5

    I went to look for the pic and saw that there are already 2 Suicide Squad porn parodies! That was fast.