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  1. (pours out beaker)
  2. The universe, as currently constructed, no longer suits me. Vale, brothers and sisters.
  3. Been a while, but if we're talking string theory, you have my attention.
  4. The pursuit of knowledge is a priori validating. Seek not validation from the overlords but siphon that knowledge which cometh nonetheless. Thanks, Brett, for laying down that science, Brett.
  5. Finally, a Book reading. Eyelashes...please. Nice work, S.
  6. sciencetist

    EPISODE 109 β€” The ScuzzMan Returns

    Pretty stoked for all the love on this ep. Sick spellman party btw. 88 mph, great scott, plutonium, et cetera.
  7. A Bear likely nails it here. Alternatively, in wombspeak, Right Occiput Transverse (ROT) is when the occiput is towards the mother’s right and the baby faces and kicks towards said mother's left side. Thus, the intimation is that both your attempted blow and sense of humor are juvenile at best, if not prenatal. (her word/s)
  8. Thanks RonHog. Veritas, etc.
  9. (sigh...responding to some pretty aggressive stage directions)
  10. Big shout to Sister and Hazel for really delving in this grepisode into science, sciencetists and our method. Glad to hear "criminals" finally getting their comeuppance as purveyors of progress in this trial-and-error industry we call the human experience. scientia potentia est (Knowledge is power) -Sir Francis 'Eggs n' Bacon
  11. Sorry to interrupt. Great work Bozos.
  12. To clear up all this last show-bizness talk (not an actual industry) Salt and Honey borrowed my ride, wrapped it, tapped it, slayed some shit, laid some shit (including some more dope tracks w/ the Hitman Heart), then flux capacitated the hell outta time. So, last show ever? Yes. Last show for Troop ears? No. I'm sure they'll explain.
  13. So, Ship and Handle got pretty deep on this one, terms of science. They did a great job of breaking down writing and brain but just for reference, I thought a flow chart might help. This is from journal (science, not personal).
  14. Science tip of the week: Car-wrapping: Vehicular identity manipulation Car-rapping: "My name is Ford and I'm here to say, I get gas like every day."