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  1. Dear Hayes,

    I hear it's your birthday! Congratulations. As my late grandfather once said to me on one of my birthdays, "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Daniel. Happy birthday to you." These words have stuck with me ever since, and I hope they bring you some joy on this, your special day.

    Wishing you all the best and, yes, a "happy birthday"! :P



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  2. i have made a prediction about this episode and sealed it in an envelope, which has been given to a randomly selected member of the audience to hold until i listen to the episode


    u guys better hold on to your socks, this one's a doozy


    Ok so I listened to the episode and i gotta say i'ma little bit p.o.'d now

    So yes technically my prediction was that this week's guest would be famed American stand-up comedian David Chappelle

    And not to ruin the magic or anything but I did have some pretty trustworthy sources for that

    And while yes there WERE Americans

    and they WERE funny

    and one WERE Dave...

    i'm afraid we gotta chalk this one up as a big "L" for your old pal Danny

    [crowd murmuring, being sad in a big way]

    but ultimately... another big "W" for the boys...

    and if you'll turn the card over you'll see that's what's written on the back

    [crowd going nuts now]

    never stop believing, my friends, good night

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  3. dear fans, friends, and shareholders,


    i regret to inform you that the big floppy man

    has passed away


    we are deeply saddened by this, as we believe

    he hypothetically would have been a good addition to the team


    we will still be playing him this week

    it's what he would have wanted

    and we also couldn't find a replacement on such short notice


    watch out engineers

    this will not be forgotten


    thank you.


    danny boy wizard



    p.s. great ep this week. check it out, i think you all would like it

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  4. well well the reviews are in and everyone loves this episode

    of hollywood handbook


    the critics have called it "a really fun thing" and said "it makes me happy when i hear it"


    "the boys have done it again" said the presidents of america, russia, france, spain, and

    the rest of the countries in a joint statement today

    "we all agree, it is a very good ep

    and we just want to give a big shoutout"

    the presidents ended their historic statement by outlawing wars and diseases,

    before strongly urging chanson and scripps to "suck it" if they disagree

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    for immediate release

    washington, dc (may 26, 2016) -- wow, just got finished listening

    to the ep of hollywood handbook.

    it was really actually very good, for real, and i'm not just saying that

    and i'm not lying even a little


    i liked it very much, and i thought the guest and the two hosts were very funny and

    it made me happy to listen to the show.


    "all i can say is the boys have done it again and, truly,

    you've just got to sit back in your chair and smile to see

    such a display" says danny boy wizard


    what a treat :)

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  6. orangetobbogan


    listen to me


    do not join the gargoyle boyz

    it may seem fun

    it may seem like u r just having fun with the rest of the gargoyle boyz

    but they are trouble with a capital t and that rhymes with p and that stands for pool


    because, and i'm not kidding,

    they'll push you into a pool, orangetobbogan

    even if you say you're not a good swimmer to them before



    i'm being very serious

    do not hang with the gargoyle boyz

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  7. listened to this ep while riding in a car

    and i hate to say it, but this ep?

    really great. made me laugh.

    i enjoyed listening to it, and had a really great time.

    in a way, you could say that for me it was like going to a fun party

    and having a blast.

    all in all, v funny, v good.


    also as resident nice boy, i'd like to extend the warmest welcome to the new people

    except montgomery

    fuck off, montgomery.

    fuck right off out of here.

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  8. kev u havin a laugh m8 ur fuckin mental bruv gor blimey

    father christmas gonna give u a right swallop of coal lmao


    In all seriousness, though, a very merry Christmas to you and yours during this holiday season. (Edit: Please keep in mind those less fortunate than you and be like "yo, that sucks" or you'll end up like a real Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of coins except you'll be not swimming you'll be drowning and actually you'll be asleeping with the fishes, mafia gonna come for you and that's that, make you an offer you can't refuse, ayyy take the cannoli badabing u talking to me)

    Peace on earth, goodwill's for men

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