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  1. call me crazy, but I have never seen a movie in my entire life, and I don't own a tv, I only read books : )


    you're crazy lol

    i'm sorry but you did ask for this



    i'm sorry

    i didn't mean it

    you know this

    you said "call me crazy" and i was like


    what'd be a fun twist on this

    i know it's just an expression


    i was just having fun

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  2. welcome ia7e9w

    i've decided to take you under my wing

    you're welcome


    i'm already so confused. how does a newbie like me get all ingratiated in your lingo speak?


    say geimho and chanson every so often and you're golden.


    should i be reading more internets? like reddit and such business?


    oh no no no

    oh no


    um, definitely don't have to do that.


    really the only thing to know is that we're all nice here

    but actually i'm the nicest

    the rest are sort of, eh, ok


    so anyway

    v funny, v good ep

    everyone who was on it, good job

    you were all funny and i like some of you even

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  3. you know what? i really like elephant shrews.


    i said it.

    does anyone else have opinions on elephant shrews?

    i think that would be a good discussion to have!

    they're very small and have odd noses? yes, those ones!

    opinions? anyone have opinions on this


    ok cool


    btw pcast ep of hh v funny v good

    edit: this is what they look like, what a lovely creature!


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  4. Hey guys you all seem like cool close family that I want a part in. How do I get fun like you? It's my first time.


    hello, i am danny, and me and some new girl are the nice boys of the family.

    i'll send the adoption papers over soon, but until those are finalized i'm afraid you can't post here.




    just joshing you

    we are nice here

    stay as long as you like

    but never EVER go in the cellar

    i swear to god

    don't even THINK about it


    there's nothing down there

    we don't do anything down there

    don't go there

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  5. hi danny. can't we both be nice boys around here? we 'ann's have to stick together. xoxo (d)ann(y)ie


    post script, good job on also being good. way to take your own advice.


    hm i'll admit that at first i was opposed to you on principle

    and i read your name as an angry shout

    (AAAAA! :angry: )

    but now you said a nice thing about me

    so i read your name as a happy shout.

    (aaaaa! :lol: )

    all in all you can be a nice boy too BUT NO ONE ELSE




    ok goodnight

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  6. 6. Hollywood Handbook (Suck it bitchesssssssssssss)




    You guys know this is the Hollywood Handbook forum, right? For people who like Hollywood Handbook?


    yes nice


    making fun of your utility kilt




    apologize for making fun of your utility kilt


    yes nice


    this has been another episode of "Mean Yes Nice" with your host dbw

    speaking of episodes, listened to this weeks ep of hh while studying bridge the game for old people

    v funny, v good

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  7. Danny, you must know my brother cause he lives in DC or my parents cause they live in NoVA right outside DC. All you people know each other, right?


    Can you do me a favor and tell them I'm not visiting for Thanksgiving because it's not a real holiday and I can't be bothered? thx, bro.


    uh yeah lady of course i know the absinthes. everyone knows the absinthes, and frankly i've gotta say we all find your famous "thanksgiving doesn't exist" excuse to be just a tad preposterous. but yeah i'll let them know you're pulling that one again at the next party.

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  8. :/1, 2, 3



    1 Danny Boy Wizard lives near Washington, DC

    2 This was not an edited double post, as some scholars, and even reality, have claimed. Instead it was a carefully thought out 2nd post intended to complement the first.

    3 DC is not actually that cool. *



    * Most scholars now believe that these footnotes were added by Danny Boy Wizard in a later edit, as a sort of apology for his bragging-about-DC joke double-post, which was not nearly as funny as it had sounded in his head.

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  9. listened to this ep on chanson's birthday

    btw hb chanson

    glad today's ep talks about the actual opposite of your favorite kind of coke

    (chanson hates "when they cut that ish w/ sugar"

    this is why he prefers coke zero

    i learned this fact from the back of one of my chanson trading cards)

    anyway just wanted to wish you happy birthday

    and also ride on the inevitable like train for people wishing you a hb

    (chanson also likes trains)

    anyway cool

    this ep is v funny, v good



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