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  1. My favorite moment, hands down, occurs when the turtles go to save Raphael in that junkyard, and finally retreat back to the abandoned grand central station food court through a manhole. The escape route entails crawling through the cab of a truck, which appears to have refridgerators stacked on the truck bed or something? The other ninjas looked totally flummoxed as to how to overcome this obstacle when they start trying to chase them. But there are LITERALLY a multitude of other EASIER WAYS to get around, through, or under this truck. I've drawn a diagram (See, Below) But no. I feel like the enemy ninjas see this and have the same reaction one might to seeing the wall in GOT. Only when the mutant snapping turtle totally dismantles the truck does anyone get to the manhole. I've seen people on rascal scooters give better chase than this crew. Also, how did you guys miss the Susie Essman cameo when April is carrying around the bag with the lone baguette?