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  1. _heynongman_

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    how dare you insult that shimmering peach of a man love you Tom don't listen to them
  2. _heynongman_

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Only thing I liked about Mike Lawrence was he was self-aware enough to know he's an IRL representation of Reddit. Almost thought he was just being moody as a bit but then as soon as they did plugs his unbridled enthusiasm to drop his siccc credits made him basically kick flip through my freaking iPod.
  3. mmmyeah when the guest refused to take a stance on #oscarssowhite i lost all respect for her (since i'm so political & just cannot STAND when ppl aren't), so maybe not a great idea to keep having feeemale guests on the show. better stick with guys only, it's just safer so i don't get confused with those sort of complicated emotions.
  4. _heynongman_

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    my favorite thing about gemberling on the show is how much pleasure scott seems to take in fucking with him. his character was barely hanging by a thread anyways so scott and whitney ripping it apart and making him steven avery was so perfect.
  5. _heynongman_

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    Lauren has the most insane references i think she scours the internet and watches so much reality tv that her brain is exploding with wtf at all times
  6. _heynongman_

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    Yeah they're all jacked up on all that 2 BUCK CHUCK you know...but actually I heard it's not even 2 bucks anymore smh what is this world coming to.
  7. _heynongman_

    Episode 116 — Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    was so turned on for so much of this episode which felt really empowering. really good job reminding me that this show isn't overwhelmingly filled with white men who look like they work at trader joe's. A+
  8. http://49.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5rtcjhuv51r6aoq4o1_250.gif
  9. _heynongman_

    EPISODE 392 - The Holiday Womptacular

    I really feel like Zouks is shipping hard for Wompler & Gutterballs but Jessica is resisting or not getting where he's trying to go. Either way I have serious blue balls however the dramatic ending did help a bit. Just wanted some over the jeans action or something to tie it all up nicely.
  10. I thought he was on some island. I don't go to the islands, those are for weirdos.
  11. Oh I know, whatever could have stopped me from interacting on a reg basis especially with the likes of you ThunderCock69. Can't wait til souprman says something fun to me just waiting with bated breath. jk i'm just a lurker but this lack of episode srsly made me hella sad.
  12. Whut should I do guys I just keep refreshing the podcast screen like a dumb idiot looking for the new show and it will never show....starting to get real bummed out. Not sure what stage of grief I'm in though but v open to any tips for healing.
  13. Instantly don't trust that podcast, not just bc it's not on wolf den & seems free for all episodes (why isn't the quality so high I have to pay?) but bc the formatting of the site is scary and this person's name is "Box".
  14. _heynongman_

    EPISODE 361 — Waiting for Infinnerty

    I would like to express my opinion on this episode as an expert on comedy. CAN I GIVE IT A MILLION STARS?! Amazing. Gemberling X Gabrus = A+ Colin Quim: Medicine Woman Webmaster of your domain