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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Rant about the Deandre Jordan.
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    Star Kid (1997)

    Whoa, you knew Star Kid? Was this pre or post "Jurassic Park"?
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    Star Kid (1997)

    I just sent this via email but, I want to make sure this gets to you guys: Hey Guys, I recently watched the 1998 family sic-fi movie "Star Kid" in which a nerdy recently motherless child finds a robotic suit in a junkyard and uses it to get into crazy hijinks and save Earth from an intergalactic conflict all the while teaching the robot to live, laugh, and love and learning how to face his problems head on. Also, the kid from Jurassic Park and Danny Masterson are in it. It's nuts. Just think it's worth checking out to do on the show. Thanks, Justin L P.S. You Guys Are Great