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  1. Adam (playfully, I'm sure) called Vanilla Ice a plagerist for borrowing The New York Knicks' "Go, New York, go" anthem for his ninja rap. But The Secret Of the Ooze (1991) actually predates The Knicks' rap by a couple years (1993-94). So I hate to say it, but Jesse Itzler, the man who wrote "Go NY Go" for The Knicks (see here: http://nymag.com/daily/sports/2011/10/the-tale-of-go-ny-go-.html ), was probably, at least subconsciously, taking from the turtles. Ice fans would have found that hook familiar back in 1991, though, because he was essentially recycling a popular part from one of his earlier records. Until "Ninja Rap" eclipsed it over the years, "Play That Funky Music" was Ice's second biggest hit. An obvious rap remake of Wild Cherry's 70s hit "Play That Funky Music, White Boy.," it's the one he releaeed right after "Ice, Ice Baby" and MTV played the video constantly. Well, near the end of that song, they chant, "go, whiteboy, go" in the exact same style they'd later use for "go, ninja, go." If you search around Youtube, there are some amusing concert videos where Ice does crotch thrusts to the audience as his hype men chant that part of the song. Edit: I see Victor beat me to this point on page 5, but it took me two days to get my account here approved -argh! ((shakes fist))