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  1. Those pizzas were being delivered to April's apartment, Mikey said "it's a good thing we saw you coming in here from the roof across the street" I assume the turtles were so starving they were monitoring Keno's progress to make sure we didn't get another "you're two minutes late dude" episode from the first film
  2. MikeRohrssen

    Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

    Hey guys, do you remember when Tom Green was the IT guy? Well I'm sure you've heard of this movie then. The movie where "Daddy would you like some sausage" because the theme song for any form of legalized torture I'm sure that people are enduring to this day. This movie is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. Never in its incessant awful jokes was there a semblance of a plot, and I'm pretty sure it was just a loose collaboration of sketches from the Tom Green show that were cut and then edited together in a movie. However, the one shining beacon for this movie is that on the DVD special features, there is a PG version of the movie done in an old-time storybook fashion. And that part is genuinely funny.
  3. MikeRohrssen

    Star Kid (1997)

    If this movie gets done, I will be so thrilled...I went to high school with the star kid (puns) and he was a colossal douche, and we would watch this movie all the time and laugh at how horrible it is
  4. Hey guys, this is my first post, but seeing as this is legitimately one of my favorite movies of all time I feel the need to comment after another awesome episode How did NO ONE notice at TGRI that not only was a cannister of the ooze missing, but so was Professor Perry? The man was literally on the evening news talking about a clean up and all of a sudden he goes missing for....days I'm assuming, even when the turtles rescue him, they don't let him go back to his office or anything. Also gone unsaid, and sadly ignored is that Super Shredder himself was played by Magic Mike star and professional Wrestler Kevin Nash, so we actually had a Clash vs. Nash Battle of the Kevins. Also, and I don't think he planned this, but in the minisode to this movie, Paul talked about a possible Pixar movie about the food in the fridge when the lights go out, and I'm pretty sure TMNT 2 gave it a title unknowingly "Combat Coldcuts" make it happen Pixar And I know it is usually up to Paul to decide if the Almighty Cage would be better in this film, but I'd like to throw in that Mr. Cage would not be best served as Keno, Shredder, or Tokka...but rather as Freddie, the one member of the Foot Clan who worked for April and told the turtles about Tokka and Rahzar wanting a fight