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  1. I for one am a big fan of Bob Dylan's cover of Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds.
  2. waunakonor

    26 - Murmur

    I'm late to the party here but at 1:15:18 Scott talks about how Colin Hanks asked if there was a better first three tracks than "some record," which Scott couldn't remember. That made me a bit curious so I tried looking for that interaction. It took a bit but I found the tweet. You guys. Colin Hanks was talking about Joshua Tree. Seriously, how did Scott not remember that? Those first three songs are seriously amazing and Scott and Scott were jizzing all over them in the Joshua Tree episode.
  3. It's probably just a sample but I don't care. We need an episode when the album comes out.
  4. waunakonor

    Episode 96 — Live from SXSW!

    "Another fine product from David Bowie/Pee-Wee Herman Productions! ...Okay it's Prince." Prophetic.
  5. waunakonor

    Episode 90 — Is This Sexual Harassment?

    Scott hears "One" and "Poem" and immediately thinks "Bono." Gotta love whenever his U2 fandom bubbles up.
  6. waunakonor

    Episode 84 — Impotent Teamsters Unite

    What is it with Scott's friends not knowing anything regarding The Beatles and guitar distortion? Harris seemed to think here that The Beatles invented guitar distortion, and in the Staind Glass episode of U Talkin' U2 2 Me, Todd Glass says that The Beatles didn't use guitar distortion at all, both of which are so wrong it's physically painful. Is there some joke that I'm missing?
  7. Scott's Annie Hall bit is taken pretty much directly from a episode of Comedy Bang Bang.
  8. Where is this? I saw these exact same people outside a show in Chicago.
  9. waunakonor

    Lists involving the band U2

    Boots is just all right, but Comedy is fuckin' awesome, bruh.
  10. waunakonor

    U2 trivia challenge!

    That would be Bono's beautiful poem on women's periods. What is the name of U2's 1991 album, featuring a distinctly dance-centric feel which was a significant departure from U2's previous output?
  11. waunakonor

    Lists involving the band U2

    Holy fuck. I don't like bashing people for making ranked lists like this, since this stuff is incredibly subjective, but I disagree this particular list so hard. White as Snow, Original of the Species, Fez - Being Born and Unknown Caller as U2's four worst songs? Get out of here.
  12. waunakonor

    Lists involving the band U2

    I'll give Best U2 Songs a go. 10. The Unforgettable Fire 9. Volcano 8. Magnificent 7. Surrender 6. So Cruel 5. Zooropa 4. Where the Streets Have No Name 3. Lemon 2. An Cat Dubh 1. Moment of Surrender