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  1. holy. shit. this movie is so, so, SOOOOOOO VERY BAD! i mean, rob zombie has created some decent films, at least the gore and the disturbingness was on point. but THIS was a pile of shit! i'm pretty sure the crew could have a hey day with this one! what a terrible film! anybody else see this load? -sinn
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    The signs of a bad movie list

    i just have to say that, The Wedding Singer is a good movie, despite having 3 elements of a bad movie: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, and a rapping granny.
  5. hey-o! i live in SD and just bought tix for BOTH showings on august 1st! i'm so thrilled i'll actually get to watch the live show - the LA shows sell out so quickly! and it's a bit of a drive. . . but, as i've never gone to a live show before, i had a few questions, if anyone can answer: i bought tickets to both showings, because in listening to the show i understand that they usually do two DIFFERENT movies - i am just verifying that is correct? when do they announce which movies they are going to do? obviously, it's much more fun when you've seen the movie they discuss, and i want to make sure i watch it. so far i haven't been able to find any info. does anyone know when/where i'll be able to find out? yeah, that's pretty much it. thanks for any help you can offer! i can't wait! -sinn