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    The Maddening (1996)

    Starring Burt Reynolds (circa Evening Shade), Angie Dickinson and the girl who played Farris' girlfriend, Mira Sara bring to life this campy horror/ thriller. If you enjoy nosy neighbors, creepy mechanics, a confusing kidnapping plot, a well full of dead bodies, and a plethora of bad Ozzy Osborne references then this is the movie for you! Check out the trailer here http://youtu.be/gCYH578EyOI. Burt Reynolds and the people who play his family are at their scenery chewing best! This is truly a How Did This Get Made must do!
  2. LaurenDotson

    Norbit (2007)

    I was about to add this to the list but I saw that this was already recommended. It is horrible.
  3. LaurenDotson

    Showgirls (1995)

    I too cannot understand why this hasn't been done yet! I believe the following sentence from the movie sums up why this movie should be reviewed. James Smith "Everybody got AIDS and shit!" This is just the most memorable quote, but there are a ton more where this comes from.
  4. LaurenDotson

    Troll (1986)

    Ok we all know about Troll 2 and how awful it is. However, little is mentioned of the first Troll movie. Unlike the squeal (which if you have ever seen the Troll 2 documentary you will know that it isn't really a sequel) Troll 1 had some real actors in it, a "script" and attempted to do decent special effects. I say this lightly because the movie is really bad. Where do I begin? The actors must have been full after each day of filming because they ate the scenery up! The little girl is over the top while the kid playing her brother is flat and lifeless. The premise is strange, confusing, and doesn't know if it wants to be fantasy or horror. The best scenes involve Sonny Bono and a very young Julia Louis-Dreyfus. There was an attempt on special effects, but most of the time you sit there thinking "what is that puppet supposed to be"? Check out this trailer to get a glimpse of the this possible HDTGM contender.
  5. LaurenDotson

    Foodfight! (2012)

    This is a movie that was made for torture. I believe they use it to extract information from terrorist. It is so bad that there are no words that will really capture how bad it is. Want to go insane, watch this movie. Where did the $45 million go in the making of this? The Animation is poor, voice acting is sad (even though there were a lot of talented people behind it), and it nothing but product placements! Please review this film!!!