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    Smiting heathens. Kicking it. Torturing my son. Fucking with Abraham and Job, and humans in general.
  1. As someone who occasionally pretends to be black and asian on the internet, I personally wasn't offended.
  2. Yeah, Scott's a real asshole when it comes to correct forum format posting. And not the good, flowery bleached kind of asshole either.
  3. It's tough. I listen to Doug Loves Movies, but I don't think I've ever laughed at any of his pot jokes and that's his whole shtick, but I can still hear the audience laugh at those jokes. Pete Holmes talks about his divorce and Catholicism all the time. Moshe Kasher talks about being Jewish every other minute. Anthony Jeselink is probably going to say some outrageous controversial thing. And that awful awful Chris Hardwick shoehorns in his alcoholism every chance he gets. I don't think it's necessarily right to chastise a comedian for bringing up something that's their bread and butter. I can certainly respect a comedian more if they're not harping on the same subject by their 2nd or 3rd comedy album and especially when they're on a podcast that's not directly about them. I won't fault Cameron for trying.
  4. The-God

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    Speaking of Esposito, what ever happened to Jennifer Esposito? Feel free to post your fond memories of Jennifer Esposito.
  5. More relevant then ever, apparently.
  6. The-God

    EPISODE 261 — Genesis Jones

    Ele was decent enough but she had very low energy in comparison to Ku.
  7. If you want to skip the intro, they show up @ 6:55
  8. The-God

    EPISODE 259 — Huskey Do's Huskey Don'ts

    Guest time is still way too short.
  9. The-God

    EPISODE 257 — Dystopian Futures

    He was though. I even thought to myself "speed it up" before Howard said anything. It sounded like he hit record and was thinking up the question on the fly rather than having a prepared question before recording.
  10. The-God

    EPISODE 252 — The Mugging Mugger

    Guest was pretty funny. But that Armen...
  11. The-God

    EPISODE 243 — An Inconvenient Convenient Store

    Reading these drug aficionados argue about technical definitions of bad trips is a real bad trip.
  12. The-God

    EPISODE 242.5 — 7/24/15 TWO CHARTED 181

    It's not worth the time or effort. Plus it was donated to Earwolf, not just Who Charted specifically. I'd feel like a real Armen if I did something like that.
  13. The-God

    EPISODE 242.5 — 7/24/15 TWO CHARTED 181

    I am fun, motherfucker.
  14. The-God

    EPISODE 242.5 — 7/24/15 TWO CHARTED 181

    Bad podcast hosts.