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    Android (1982)

    Strange Doctor (Klaus Kinsky) and his android assistant Max (Don Keith Opper: also stars in Critters) on a secret remote space lab, get paid a visit by 3 criminals on the run. (One of the criminals is played by Brie Howard.) Max is discovering his sexuality and just wants a girlfriend. When things don't go his way, he gets upset and starts killing people. Klaus Kinski is being Klaus Kinski and D.K.O. is super creepy.
  2. Bionads

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    I saw this with some friends when it first came out. We did not intend to see it, in fact we went to the theater to see Mulholland Falls. However, one of my friends, probably the only JVCD fan in our group wanted to see The Quest. The rest of our group wanted to stick to the original plan but he protested and presented his case as to why he didn't want to see Mulholland Falls. He said he didn't want to see a movie with so many hats...yeah 'hats'. Now, there are indeed a lot of hats in Mulholland Falls, but in The Quest, EVERYBODY'S WEARING FUCKING HATS! Hats hats hats all over the fucking place. I don't think we see a scene where Roger Moore isn't wearing a hat. I wish I could say that was the only time my friend had ever duped me into seeing a shitty movie, but he'd pulled the same kind of thing and got me to go see The Power Ranger Movie. Maybe my friend was some sort of Svengali who had the power to get anyone to see the worst movies with any dumb reason.
  3. In the Lavantula universe, Sharknado is a movie. In the Sharknado universe, Lavantula is a movie. But, in our universe they are BOTH movies within movies.