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    Episode 5 - The Prestige

    Can we please stop having guests on this show that haven't seen the movies "until yesterday"? A great thing about a lot of Cracked content is the research and knowledge that goes into the finished product - I'm not saying the guests have to be historians of the movie, but if you're asking people to listen to someone talk at length on something, maybe choose people who have a broader scope of reflection - at least more that 24 hours worth.
  2. This is the first episode I've heard in a year's worth of listening that seems completely half-baked. Instead of writing some treatise that would read like an essay, some bullet points: - The Calvin Klein ad campaigns that are referenced weren't treated as "normal" when they came out. They were extremely controversial, and in many cases were banned from play on television. - This might be a matter of interpretation, but in "American Beauty" (a movie that I hold no high regard for many other respects) Kevin Spacey's character lusting after a high schooler is never shown as a positive. I would also opine that the moment Spacey stops wanting to have sex with the girl when she blurts out she's a virgin isn't based on her virginity, but is a moment where, in his mind, she goes from being a lust object to a girl who could be his daughter. - I hate American Pie, but you can't use a dumb frat boy movie as an example of accepted public norms in the American mind. Are you also going to cite "Porky's" as an inditement of public-shower acceptance in the 1980's? - This is a very overarching statement that speaks to a point that a lot of people seem to be re-writing about Bill Cosby. To say that "white people liked Cosby because he made them feel racism was over" is a statement that is both reductive and frankly moronic. People didn't want to believe Cosby was a rapist (which I believe is) because of the latter "pull up yer pants" era Cosby, they felt a connection to him because he's a brilliant comic, and growing up as a child (I'm 35), Cosby seemed lovable and, ironically, safe. I'm getting sick of the complete reduction of a person's achievements due to horrible personal behavior. I don't feel as though I'm saying anything you're not aware of. Maybe you feel there's been enough track laid down with others saying that kind of thing. I'm just getting tired of people treating Pryor (a performer who was no stranger to sex crimes) as a proud voice of truth who had "some problems", and Cosby as tired grandpa monster, as he lived long enough to see himself become the villain. I normally really enjoy the well-reasoned discussion on Cracked, and I get that it ain't all gold. I just had a lot of eye-rolls directed to this one. Keep up the good fight, I promise that when I like the next one, I'll write about that as well.
  3. Snothouse

    EPISODE 81 — A Genealogy of Modern Fear

    Thanks for a genuinely enjoyable discussion. My only request (and I know it must be difficult when everyone isn't in the same room), but PLEASE don't just talk over each other. In particular, women tend to get steamrolled mid-sentence because another person has a zinger they just can't wait to say. Voices are like Justin Bieber with texting - it can wait. But overall - love the show.