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  1. Just a friendly reminder that the very folks behind Howl called it Netflix for podcasts. They invited the comparison, they can live with it. Toodles!
  2. Why would I care about economics, basic or otherwise? I just listen to podcasts. Howl ain't Netflix, no matter how much it wants to be. I can justify only watching a small percentage of what's on there because it's convenient and reliable. Howl is neither, at least not for me. I mean it's been out for well over a year and they still don't even have official RSS feeds. Comparing Howl to Netflix only makes Howl look worse.
  3. Nothing against Never Not Funny, but I very rarely listen to it. I don't listen to a lot of shows on Earwolf--which is another problem with Howl: I end up paying for a bunch of stuff I'm not even going to listen to. I like MaxFun's approach much more for this reason. I like The Flop House, I donate directly to The Flop House, I get exclusive Flop House episodes. Easy peasy.
  4. Those caps are awfully aggressive, dogg. Like, chill out, broheim. I don't like that shows I donated money to with the idea that they'd stay free and accessible to all are now behind a paywall. No issues with them making money, no issues with them charging money for their product. But there are better ways than making your archives inaccessible.
  5. I never said they had to change anything to suit my needs. That's you putting words in my mouth, which is a thing a jackass does. But that's nice you spent even more money to listen to shows that solicited donations to keep shows free. No idea what Paul owns. I just listen to podcasts.
  6. Not everyone can afford a smartphone, jackass. Who's entitled here again? Putting archives behind a paywall and giving a portion of your audience no way to even pay to download them is stupid. Listen to the opening of the latest HDTGM. Paul, Jason, and June didn't agree with the decision to paywall the old eps, and were never told when it was going to happen. They were as surprised about it as we were when the switch got flipped last week. Accuse people of being cheap all you want, it doesn't change the fact that Howl has handled this shit very poorly. The tragedy is that this wasn't necessary. They didn't need to take the archives away to make Howl worth paying for--the premium shows are so good they're more than worth the price of admission. I think the paywall hurts more than it helps.
  7. MeowingForVengeance

    I Just Noticed The Paywall for CBB is Finally Up.

    Me, neither. Don't see why something had to be taken away, though. Adding Premium and Live Eps were more than enough of a reason to support Howl. The archives going away for new listeners is sad. Whole reason I got into the show was 'cause I could go back to old eps like Dalton Wilcox's first appearance.
  8. MeowingForVengeance

    2016 - The year of death?

    R.I.P. CBB archives. Download those vintage greps while you can.
  9. MeowingForVengeance


    Look out for Norm Macdonald's The New Norm, coming exclusively to Howl!
  10. MeowingForVengeance


    If I could listen to archived episodes and Howl 'sclusies the way I've always listened to podcasts--downloading them to my PC, then transferring them to my old iPod Touch to listen to offline--I would be more than glad to pay for Howl. I guess the main thing I don't like about Howl is that it seems geared toward people with smartphones. I don't have one and I don't really want one, and I don't want to listen to podcasts on my PC or Android tablet. People keep saying that nothing's really changed, but things will change a lot for me once the good ol' greps go behind the paywall. I don't have the hard drive space or ambition to download everything while it's still free. Anyway, I hope some things change. I want to be excited about Howl, but as it is right now it's very clearly not designed with people like me in mind.
  11. MeowingForVengeance


    I like this idea. I would gladly pay for DRM-free mp3s of old greps.
  12. MeowingForVengeance


    I don't understand that reference at all, but I'm choosing to take it as a compliment!
  13. MeowingForVengeance


    I was only apologizing to Scott, silly goose. You're still an asshole.
  14. MeowingForVengeance


    I don't have any questions. I'm not getting the app. I'll buy t-shirts and premium episodes, but I don't want a 'podcast Netflix' and I hate that I can't recommend amazing episodes from the past to new people. You guys are going to do what you're going to do. I posted my concerns, you read them, and I don't want anything more from you than that. Thank you for all the incredible entertainment. I'm genuinely sad that things are going in the direction they're going, but whatever, right? Best of luck. I guess I'm a dildo and a douche, so I apologize for being those things.
  15. MeowingForVengeance


    Ugh. Never fucking mind, man. You didn't even read my post. Enjoy your money. How, exactly, was I being a douche in my original post? I didn't angrily rant, I shared my opinion. I'm not angry--just disappointed. And it's pretty rich to call me childish when your first move was to resort to name-calling. BTW, ganging up on dissenters is what makes you all assholes.