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    A plea to return to bad movies

    I think a big part of it is that I don't consistently watch the movies (if I have time, I do, but I enjoy the show just as much when I don't). Definitely agree that Cannon films got old. Honestly the worst part was that it really didn't seem like they were having nearly as much fun anymore... by the time they got to The Apple it had started to seem pretty joyless. I agree on Top Dog and Perfect (unwatchable movies, not great episodes), but there are other borderline-unwatchable ones that made for some of my favorite episodes ever (LOL, Liz and Dick, Gooby). Honestly, I'm looking back at the chronology and the last episode I truly loved was Lake Placid - maybe not incidentally the last episode before the Face/Off - Con Air double bill. After that it was Theodore Rex, Perfect, Cannon films, etc. For me it seemed to turn a corner around then and I haven't felt it come back yet. And a big part of it is that I don't feel as much enjoyment on Jason and June's part. I love listening to them crack up about terrible writing, etc., and that doesn't happen as much as it used to.
  2. KyleKnapp

    A plea to return to bad movies

    You're right. It has to be terrible but terrible in a fun way. I agree with you on The Covenant. But it just seems like a couple years ago they had no trouble finding movies that were both bad and fun - most of the Stallones (especially Rhinestone!), the worst-of-the-worst like The Room and Birdemic, Gymkata. I thought Face/Off was kind of a weak choice because it's a genuinely well-made film, despite the ridiculousness. I didn't enjoy the Bloodsport episode, but to be fair I kind of checked out as soon as I realized that Jason liked it so much, because as stated, I just don't find it very entertaining when he likes the movie. I'd also be open to maybe trying out another bad TV movie - I thought Liz & Dick was one of the best episodes. However I just listened to the Quest and was pretty entertained, mostly because it's a pretty bad movie. But in general I'd love to see a return to the territory of movies like Old Dogs, On the Line, Pluto Nash, Catwoman -- true cinematic garbage that they can just rip apart mercilessly.
  3. Just my two cents - it seems there's been a trend lately towards doing a more "insane movies" version of HDTGM and away from the traditional "terrible movies" version of the show. Over the last year there's been a lot of episodes focusing on movies that are over the top but that the team - especially Jason - loves (I'm thinking Face/Off, Con Air, Bloodsport, etc.), or at least doesn't seem to think are terrible (pretty much the whole Cannon series), and I have to say those episodes just don't make me laugh. The show is *so* much funnier when the hosts - especially Jason, again - really think the movie is garbage. I think Jason is a lot more entertaining when he's railing against a movie he hated, or at least was baffled by, and for the most part the same goes for June. Jason is so goddamn hilarious and intelligent, and you can only listen to him say stuff like "IT. ALL. ADDS. UP." so many times before it's not that funny anymore and seems like a waste of his talent. And he's funnier when he's angry, and I love when he hates a movie so much that he becomes enraged. As for June, I miss movies like Jaws 4 and Gooby where she was completely bewildered and picked scenes apart piece by piece because they were so terribly written and acted. I dunno, maybe this is a really unpopular opinion, but the people I know personally who listen to the show all seem to agree with me. Thoughts?
  4. KyleKnapp

    Caligula (1979)

    I am genuinely afraid he would jerk it so much he might need medical attention.
  5. KyleKnapp

    Caligula (1979)

    It has a male-on-male fisting scene with Malcolm McDowell featuring Helen Mirren watching! Malcolm McDowell fucking his sister! Peter O'Toole with terrible makeup, frolicking in a pool with underage boys! I mean, need I say more? You need to do this movie if for no other reason that I think it might set a new off-the-charts record for June's upset-o-meter. And I totally agree that I would be willing to bet you could get someone involved to do an interview. Even Dame Helen has gone on record as saying she thinks there's a genuinely interesting film somewhere in there.