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    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Not just Jupiter Ascending (sapient human-animal hybrids, genetic manipulation) but im almost convinced that this takes place in the same world as Pluto Nash and the event of this movie are what led to the ban on cloning on the moon.
  2. KyleEllis

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Did anyone else feel like an apocolypse already happened? Like World War 3 ended a few years ago, had killed off most of the people and animals, and Kane was trying to repopulate the world with creatures genetically engineered with more empathy, like a cross between Dr. Moreau and Kellogg. I don't understand why Kane would be so upset as to try to wipe everybody left out. The only crime we see is caused by his henchmen which it kinda seemed like he created. The world isn't filled with decadent excess, people are barely getting by. What could make Kane resort to such drastic measures? My theory: Interspecies miscegenation, people and dinosaurs are hooking up and it grosses the good doctor out. His only response is nuke the planet from orbit Sodom and Gomorrah style to rid the world of our filthy lust.