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  1. I was able to see this live at Clusterfest! Chris Redd really impressed me - we could see him getting accustomed to how the musical is created, and by the end, he was creating some of the best verses. And Zach and Jess were fantastic, as usual!
  2. His exasperation with Genana and out of sync twins is fantastic! And he's not Liam Neeson. Great episode!
  3. This episode was the good kind of silly - Bryan nearly cracking up once Bobby appeared made me crack up each time.
  4. Today (or specifically that night) I learned... John Lennon does a really good Ducky Powell impersonation!?! Todd is the best I sure I missed out on a fantastic post-show sex party, if it was hosted by Len Wiseman
  5. DirtyCake

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I don't know the original intent of the character, but flustered Jean Rottenberry with mean Scott is a funny combo.
  6. One of my favorite Spontaneanation characters yet - Clark's specifically racist grandpa! "Every man must find his own lighter..." "You're sounding like a Micronesian right now"