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  1. Yeah, it was pretty interesting...though the clown part is the very past "legend"...but definitely worth the watch as a while for the documemtary.
  2. MalliRoches

    Torque (2004)

    I watched this wonderfully horrible movie instead of one of the greatest super bowls ever!! I don't know how they haven't done it yet....please please...this movie was absolutely ridiculous...and what made it even better was that me and my dearest friend rode bikes!!! So the level of ridiculousness was elevated to supernatural levels. + infinity
  3. Sooo....first-time visitor...first-time poster...obsessively faithful listener...I just finished a Netflix documentary called, Killer Legends, and Jason was right!!! Clowns riding around in vans and scaring/stealing people was a thing. So revel in your redemption, dear Jason, and taunt all those who laughed at you (I didn't laugh at you, myself, I only laughed at those who took part in the laughing...but never AT you...never). Apparently, it started in Chicago...John Wayne Gacy's alter ego was Pogo the clown...ummmm and he killed like 33 people. Google, my friends...terrifying...that was in the 70s, and then some more crazy clown stuff started popping up in 1981 in different areas...blah blah blah....Jason was right...he's the best. Consider yourself vindicated....Thank you and good night!!